I become a Nazeebo player myself

Hi everyone,

yeah I did the unthinkable and I become a Naz player myself, even though I hated Naz players on my team. I learned sth in todays matches that I like his heroic upgrade for the giant more than the cursed “vile infection”. It’s makes your giant cost only 45 mana for 30 cooldown. He has a lot of zoning potencial with walls and this heroic. That’s huge to me.


But one thing never changes, even I am with my teammates, because I don’t care about stacks that much, they still dissapoint me.

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As long as you’re not doing holy cow Nazeebo with 0:0:8, doing constant, mindless pushing with 0 care about positioning and overextending… I don’t hate that.

Vile Infection does not have it’s value from the old days. 3-4 years ago it was literally “Naz is stacked, let’s win!”. Now we have way more powerful lategame heroes, who can dish out tremendous amounts of damage and just outdamage benefits of Vile Infection.

Even if I somehow complete the quest [that I rarely do], I usually upgrade the ult. I usually go for Ravenous Spirit, unless it’s DS or Braxis.

Naz is… Niche, but overally not bad. He needs lots of CC as his damage is very unreliable. I usually pick him only on ARAM with no better options available. I would not recommend him as pusher in regular game, because despite his specialist nature, his waveclear is not that good.


If i get him on tomb or ishrines i rarely complain. Also if hes a good naz player, though they rarely are bc they only practice pvp.

I thought it was clear that I don’t care for stacks and even prefer the heroic upgrade over vile infection. I don’t do mindless pushings, but I clear waves, do camps and join team… I know it’s weird for a Naz.

Me too. I like upgraded giant every 30 second. The spirit heroic is surely powerful, but it roots Naz and that’s what I don’t like.

CC helps him, but he don’t need it, because with walls and giant he has his own cc and zoning.

Yeah and I would compare him to Lunara and Kael’thas. He’s kinda mixed version of both. He has poison ticks like Lunara and zoning like Kael. If Lunara x Kael would have a baby it would be Naz. :crazy_face:

Sherk having a Genji vaudoo doll:
Clicks preferences
Clicks change avatar
Scrolls down
Clicks Nazeebo portrait

No, because Genji is still more fun.

change avatar pls or fake

Since I am not a main Naz player, I prefer to be fake.

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I’m with Sami, please change your Avatar to Naz. That particular avatar is in need of rehabilitation and you’re just the positive poster to do so. :sunflower:

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Why do you do this to me Minky?! Do you really want me to be the same as Tooton? Is that your hidden sympathy to him? :crazy_face:

Seems like storys in films contains a lot of truths about women, who prefer “outsider”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you misunderstand, perhaps I wasn’t clear, or I have misunderstood your reply. My husband was a Witch Doctor main in D3, so I’ll always have a soft spot for this hero.

I wasn’t referring to any particular user of the Nazeebo avatar, I’ve noticed few of them are let’s say, positive posters. As you are a positive force on the forums, I thought you could turn around the perception of the Naz avatar. A similar thing happened on the old forums with the D.Va avatar.

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Actually it seems it’s quite the opposite, because you have the relation to the class “Witch doctor”, which is depictured by “Nazeebo”, so you made this proposal. My comment just went a bit too far, but it was still precisely enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is impossible though, because the most negativity againt Nazeebo don’t comes from his avatar, but from the hero itself and how the majority of players plays him… You ask for a task that are too hard to fulfill for mortals without divine support. Can a Nephalem overcome such heavy burden?

Strike a deal with Minky. You switch to Naz and Minky goes back to BW.


I want to see that but I think they both like thier avaters to not change them.