I am being Silenced (Not In-game silence)!

I request a Refund and the customer support keeps delaying the ticket without addressing my request, when I bring it up they straight up cancel my ticket.

link which I cannot post.

I tried making a post in Reddit but the moderators delete the post.
And any further Customer support ticket gets cancelled.

I don’t understand what is it that they are expecting. AM I supposed to just go away? How many people have been ghosted like this and simply went away?

We cannot let them… I don’t even… I am sure this has to be illegal, or at least against terms of service.

Do I have to do this (chargeback):
link which I cannot post.

They won’t even let me post the links as proof.

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Did Blizzard tell you any reason why they silenced you, as they sent you the notification e-mail pertaining this action?
Which refund are you referring to? Do you have a stimmpack running? If so, rest assured that being silenced will not prevent you from playing, thus enjoying your stimmpack. You will just not be able to use in game chat.

Blizzard doesn’t offer refunds. Most game companies don’t. And if this about being banned and not having access to stuff you paid for, well, you violated terms of service, so that revokes your right to use their services.

I am not sure what to tell you other than that.


They delete your posts cause its againts the Reddit forum rules to talk about punishment done to you. If you think you have not done anything wrong then make a ticket.


You will not get a refund for sure. But if you are lucky a game master looks into your chat logs and maybe the silence is removed.

Keep in mind that’s totally ok for Blizzard to fire a lot of people right before Christmas, but saying things like “Jaina, Murky has dealt more damage than you” are threaded as inexcusable mistakes which need to get punished.

If I’m a gaming company, and I set a bunch of policies, then enforce them and some individual decides 1) not to accept our judgement, 2) not to go through our arbitration process, and then 3) posts her side of the argument literally all over social media trying to create an online mob to bully my company into giving in to her demands…

If that happens, I’d IP ban you. No hesitation. I’m not going to have my company’s policies dictated to me by a tantrum-throwing mob. Period. I’d consider this behavior the equivalent of Antifa, BLM, or the SA. I’d close my company before I gave in to a demand like that.

Edit: You either go through the process according to the Terms of Use you agreed to, or you don’t use the service. You can voice your opposition and suggestions in an appropriate manner.

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Because it can be taken out of context. That Murky could very well be someone who stats horde and tries to farm as much dmg to himself while forcing Jaina to do his job aka laning and taking camps.

But sadly something like this gets people reported cause people gets mad and then report you and Blizzard ofc silence you cause they allow the playerbase to decide what is toxic and what is not.


You can do a chargeback if anything you bought was in the last 180 days by calling the credit company, but Blizzard will ban all your accounts by doing so, even those unrelated to HotS.

And you wont be able to create an account with your details and payment info for new games either like Diablo 4 which will be fully online.


Hi, give it a day or 2 and if you ask for an appeal, they’ll send evidence of what you said ingame that breached the ToS.

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I have not been Silenced in-game. I’ve been silenced outside of game in the sense that I can’t say anything about this to customer support or Reddit or even forums, if I give more details the post gets removed.

If I cannot get a refund they should have just said so, but they don’t, because I do merit a refund, they are, instead, ghosting me, hoping I will just go away.

IMportant: I cannot even reply to your posts, the replies get automatically removed.

From the tickets of friends I’ve read, almost anything typed can be against the ToS, the community apparently decides what is abusive or toxic chat. I don’t hold out much hope the OP will have anything resolved in their favor.

As others have said, you can only open a ticket with CS and request an appeal. On the forums and Reddit it’s agasint the rules to talk about account actions, I don’t agree with it, but I don’t set the rules. As Pesky said, Acti/Blizz sets the ToS, they are allowed to revoke your right to use their service. Most online services are like this and many leave few options for the consumer to successfully appeal.

Welcome to the 21st century business model, with limited customer protection.


Its illegal if you are OUTSIDE OF USA! Well, at least here in EU. There are certain laws which protect the customer from predatory capitalist practices.

Ye and that is why abuse chat is so flawed as it is now. If the community suddenly can decides what is toxic or not.

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You mean absolutely zero customer protection. When everything became a service. We lost any rights under licenses. Total lack of ownership of any product we buy. Are subject to ToS that won’t stand up in court, but yet the cost of arbitration is knowingly so high that they won’t ever be tested, etc etc etc.

The replies always get removed when you quote the entire post before your post.

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