How to improve SL; a tale filled by rum

I know it wont happen due to budget restraints, but I wish the company spent a load of money on advertising HotS.

Which would then create a big influx of players in all modes. The population would be so big you could even discern skill differences between a Gold 1 and a Gold 3 because there would be so much competition.

Matchmaking would never have to expand in QM or SL, making ideal comps and ranks/MMR on both teams always.

But it never hurts to dream. Riot spends a ton of money advertising their game all over the web. I have never seen a single HotS ad anywhere.

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Yeah 100%. I was thinking this whole pandameic why they didn’t advertise. I keep seeing adverts for Classic WOW but that’s it. I’ve seen lots for LOL every time I watch a HOTS video :thinking:

No. I have a lot friends to play with and I don’t play SL alone at all, because it has terrible experience.

Then don’t select the solo only option :wink:

Fair point.

Good idea. Would be cool to avoid trolls in your team.

I would suggest reading AZ Jacksons post on the mythical forced 50% winrate.
If you have a 50% winrate then you have stableized. See below:

They tried this in overwatch. you know what happened the Highest MMR players got blocked. It could also make it difficult for people to find matches if they get on too many lists.

Also most lower MMR people really can’t tell the difference between bad play and trolling. Ok if you AFK thats one thing,

Now you’ll say that they should “Get Gud” but if they could git gud they wouldn’t be in the pits with you …

I’ve always said it and now that I’ve seen DOTA2 does this, you have to have 200 current hours of live play before you can play ranked. I think the ranked system here would benifit immensely from having a minimum number of unranked games before unlocking storm league.

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That comment was more of a joke, though it is nice to see some blue posts about the subject (Can’t believe I missed it). And TBH I don’t want this post to get side tracked about the forced 50% debate so ill put my reply to that:


I agree it would be impossible to deliberately match you with “potatoes/afk” but it definitely feels that way sometimes.

I’ve noticed every season I get to normally a 65% win rate by about 35 wins and then by the time I get to 50 wins I’m usually sitting at 50%. Right now I went to a 10 game win streak followed by a 10 game loose streak. Most of the teams I went up against were in 5 mans, had smurfs or I got a few of those times I had trolls.
I even announced in our chat group that I keep getting paired with Trolls and a few people replied that it seems that way lol. Got in a game and someone made a joke “matched with Rum who’s going to troll this game” and sure enough we had last 2 picks go Samuro and Illidan on Hanamura and were terrible…

My 2nd account sits a full rank above my main and can’t seem to move either way as well. Personally I think Bliz needs to adjust how MMR matching works, stop smurfing and possibly to soft reset MMR every now and then. I don’t think this will happen though and I wouldn’t know where to begin.

I didn’t know that. Very interesting feedback, I was thinking before you said this that I would have rules (Like the max 3 people). Another idea is it could maybe reset itself after a couple of weeks unless you put them back in there specifically.

I do wonder if the good outweighed the bad. Did it get removed from Overwatch, was there a limit etc?

I guess the counter argument would be that it would be harder for 5 mans to find a group. My only other way I could think that might help is capped MMR for losing to a 5man aka max loss of 100 but I would prefer to just avoid the issue altogether.

I don’t know that it would be possible with the current player base. There just isn’t enough people still playing the game.

And just as a comment on this, Blizzard discussed this in a Blizzcon interview (I don’t remember when, or where, so don’t ask for a link) and said that one of the biggest issues with adding a “Solo only button” is that the way queues work in hots, it wouldn’t be able to put “solo players who don’t select solo only” into both the “solo only queue” and the “play with teams” queue, it would have to put them in one queue or the other. And since they are allowing 4 man groups, they would have to put them in the “play with groups” queue, meaning that the solo play queue would ONLY contain players who checked the “solo players only” box, and not players who play solo with the box unchecked (if that makes sense.)

So the end result would be MUCH higher queue times, as you would basically be going back to having a HL and a TL, just with a shared ranking.

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If that’s true we are all doomed :sob:

The lower playerbase, or at least the fewer people who play ranked on regular basis preclude having a solo queue option or an avoid player feature. I really miss solo queue only HL, but I understand why they merged both modes and didn’t introduce the solo queue only option.

The most popular PVP mode by far is QM, it has always been so. The only way I see we could have any of the features the OP calls for is if they can figure out a way to encourage more people to play ranked.

Removing the ranked mount rewards didn’t help. Many people who had started to play ranked again when they introduced mount rewards to anyone who played the last 2 seasons of TL, stopped playing with the gold reward on win progression. To most veteran players gold isn’t an incentive.


Wait…you want to fill SL with rhum without bringing BHB into rotation foremost???

While I love Rum… BHB on the other hand… If they got rid of the coins and made it Rum and the more you collected at once the more lag the game made you had?

Even with advertisement, would more players prefer a team-oriented team game or an individual oriented team game? There’s a huge difference between the two games

I prefer HOTS personally and I think that more people would play if they realized it’s better :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve always been curious to wonder how HOTS would have gone if it was just a LOL clone but with BLIZZ IPO (DOTA2?)

Make a guild system.
This. Solve. Every. Stupid. Teammate issue.


I’d have wanted like LoL, but with Blizzard characters. I’ll accept what we have now, but vision-wise, hypercarries aren’t accepted here and it’s more teambased. Those two characteristics are due to culture differences. LoL is starting to be more teambased though and you don’t get as many hypercarrying. Games are getting shorter too :confused: I miss the 45+ minute games. Now it’s around 30 minutes or so and decreasing.

It sounds like they are trying to be more like HOTS. I think that sounds like it’s heading in the correct direction for me (I’ve been wanted to change but I can’t).
My fav parts about HOTS are the ~20 minute games, Shared XP, Talents and the Characters.

Hypercarries need (and should have to rely on) time to scale and outscale early game characters. That’s why I loved when games could go on longer, but now game times are around 30 minutes or less when they end. Full builds shouldn’t ever be expected but the game state doesn’t even give you a shred of hope the game goes on that long.

It’s good for early game characters, but there has to be a balance again where you can close out the game, while still having games that can be dragged out to late game. When you strengthen factors that increase game length, you’re not hurting early game characters as they can still end off of a good enemy team wipe.

For both HOTS and LoL, that could simply be increasing the health and armor of the towers. Due to an intentional game mechanic after 14 minutes in LoL, the laning phase is coming to an end. If laning could be extended to 20 mins that be a sweet spot. Then ten minutes of slowly taking down tier-2 turrets, and five more minutes (faster since it’s easier to take down structures when you have more items) means 35 minutes of game time at least. This is assuming one team is fairly dominant over the other team.

But laning for 20 minutes is boring…

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