HOW THE FRAK does 1 minion hit for 2836 damage?

HOW THE FRAK does 1 minion hit for 604 damage. And the next one hit for 2836? I have a screenshot. https://

I was playing a RANKED game with LiMing At the end of the game I respawned and was deleted by minions before I could even get to battle. The wierd thing about it was that I was only hit by 2 minions. I reported this as a HACK. However I was told to re-submit it as a BUG. If this is a BUG them it leaves me to wounder how accurate the ranking system is. I feel like I have been Robed of a posible win. Now I question the Validity of every game I have played.

The timeline shows you took a total of 9 hits. 5x hits 0.8 seconds before, and 4x hits between 0.8 and time of death.

If these were catapults it would explain a lot. Catapults hit for a lot of damage. So if 4 catapults hit you all at once it could easily deal over 2,000 damage very late game.

This is not possible since your computer calculated those values, as did everyone else’s in the session, both friend and foe.

If 1 minion somehow did hit you 4x in 0.8 seconds as shown in the screenshot, then it is probably a bug.

If it is a bug, it is very likely a rare occurrence which is why it has not been patched.

Or you could have survived just to be deleted by an enemy hero a few seconds later, as Li Ming is very squishy

I recommend providing a video and replay of the game, showing the instance that the single minion hit you 4 times in under 0.8 seconds. Things might be more clear that way, and if it is a bug it would help diagnose the exact cause which could be useful for people fixing it.

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https:// this is the screen shot as you can see Limings health went from 100% to Zero in .8 seconds with only 2 hits from 2 MINIONS. @ minions hits my hero once each they were not catapults Look at the screenshot.
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Look at the bottom of each column. You see that square saying it was a minion hit? Yes? Good. Now, do you see the little hexagon halfway on the bottom edge of that square? Yes? Good. On the bottom right of each of those theres a 5x and a 4x, signifying 9 total hits.

[DrSuperGood] You are not correct, I took a screenshot of the recap it shows That my hero died from only 2 hits. from minions. Not 8 Hits and not hits from catapults. If you are just going to make up lies then go spread your lies to someone elses thread.
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1 minion hit for 604 damage. And the next one hit for 2836

1 minion hit for 604 damage. And the next one hit for 2836

The screenshot shows a total of 9 hits, as Moysa has explained.

The damage recap screen condenses multiple consecutive instances of the same damage source into a single entry with a multiplier representing how many times the source was involved. For example, if Tychus alone was to just auto attack you to death, then the damage recap could contain a single entry showing Tychus taking you from 100% life to 0% life over however long it took with a large multiplier for each auto attack instance he landed.

The icon representing the damage source is not “minion” but rather “non-hero”. The same icon is used for damage from neutral mercenaries, from bosses, from catapults, from towers, and the like. As such the screenshot does not show what damage source did over 500 damage a hit, hitting you 4 times in 0.8 seconds.

A rough napkin maths of a catapult puts it at up to 710 damage per shot to heroes after 30 minutes, the maximum it can scale. 4 shots from catapults after 25 minutes would likely be enough to recreate the situation you encountered. Given how catapults tend to cluster as the minion wave advances, it is entirely possible that 4 such hits could land in under 0.8 seconds if 4 catapults were attacking.

This is assuming it is not the damage log bugging out. There were cases in the past where it logged silly and incorrect damage values like heroes hitting for several million damage when the actual damage dealt was nowhere near that.

This is why I recommend providing evidence such as replays or videos showing the moment the issue happened. This removes a lot of guess work due to the lack of information in the damage log, and could potentially reveal other sources of the damage if analysed at a frame level. If there is a bug, it might also help track down what caused it, and what unit was responsible.

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