How does anyone find rehgar fun?


Is THE dumbest thing I have ever seen. I’ve seen it win a game in a compilation video and only gone up against it once. The one time it happened to me, I knew exactly what they were doing. When nobody showed up in mid lane at the beginning of the game, I immediately redirected my team up top to where, as you would imagine, the entire enemy team was trying to rush down our towers. They did eventually get our fort by perpetually sneaking between lanes, and later on our keep, but my team was able to push them back every single time and win. That’s not a game winning strategy. It’s incredibly stupid cheese nonsense that can easily be countered.


It is obviously a hit or miss strategy but the point being that it does add a pretty big dimension to Morales actually dictating the pace of the game. Although good juice pirates usually do the rush when they have the numbers advantage, or objective advantage to push. Bad ones are the ones that just keep rushing in a suicidal manner, the important one is the ones that know they have the numbers lead (meaning at least one dead) along with Tyrael’s heroic being up (that’s why he’s an important part of the combo; his heroic and his move speed buff helps his allies in retreating and if anybody needs to take the fall he’s the best one to do it as his explosion can disperse the enemy team).


I also like Rehgar. I wish he had more wolf talents, though, including a wolf ultimate. The wolf is really what makes him cool.


Bloodlust, while an iconic shaman ability, lacks that punch in hots that it has in wow. Its currently amazing for AA heroes and nobody else. Maybe allow for it to heal allies for spell damage done as well? Its rarely picked over ancestral healing. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it replaced. Feral Spirit would be awesome to see in hots. make their attacks heal his whole team in an area of rehgar instead of just him. I could actually see that as a replacement for healing totem or a non ult upgrade storm talent, depending on its strength.

I’m fine with ghost wolf how it is. Its only function in wow is for travel purposes. Its more useful in hots because you can use it to attack and talent it into cdr.

He does probably need a small talent overhaul, as he is one of the few heroes in the game to retain multiple generic talents, ones like stormshield and rewind that make no sense for the orc. His cleanse also has no interactivity with his kit, unlike every other cleanse in the game. Farsight and the totem moving talent are a joke.

Could definitely see a few of his talents being replaced. Maybe more wolf talents? However his E build is currently too good for me to pass up. The mana return at 4 is insane. Earth shield has long been the go to talent at 13, and now they’ve tied lightning bond to rising storm, which is killer for team fights and mid late game camp clearing. His q talents just don’t cut it when I can outheal the enemy healer and make a more meaningful contribution to the team.


Add Raynor, Hammer and Fenix to the list too, thanks.


This is the “meta” build that I see when watching higher levels of plays which doesnt include in Q talents (haven’t check hots logs though) but is:

  • Level 1: E
  • 4: healing totem
  • 7: cleanse
  • 10: AH (of course)
  • 13: W
  • 16: E
  • 20: Stormshield (i think)

The problem i find with this is that it’s to heal bot and without taking a mana regeneration talent at 4 you can’t be as agressive.
I personal pick up a mana regen at 4 and build around the enemy comp normally play a bit more agressive.

Totally agree with your other post. While being my fav healer he could use some minor tweaks provided they don’t completely overhaul him and change his play style.


I agree. As long as they keep him the same, I’m more than okay with them changing his out of date talents. His “meta” build is what I started playing rehgar as forever ago, but it feels like such a waste of his kit.


Rehgar is only boring if your idea of supporting is to hide in the back line and heal your team mates. He’s not that kind of support. He’s the kind of support that can help skirmish with the enemy team directly and chase down and dive for kills.


You guys must have a different way of thinking. I think Rehgar’s one of the best healers. You got your attack and wolf form aside, but his totem is ninja OP. Not only does it zone and set up kills, but if you team with a Rehgar or is Rehgar, then talents like Raynor’s Ace in the hole or Chromie’s Proper greeting will work well. It works better with a stacked team. You just wait for Rehgar to lay the totem down and follow up.



You have an incredibly strong peel with your totem, you are one of the most annoying healers to pin down (LiLi used to be queen until they nerfed her to the ground for no reason).

You can micromanage your lightning shield based on need. You can time healing wave for optimal bouncing.

How exactly is this hero more boring than any other healer?


he doenst move faster than mount


then youre doing it wrong


This is true, talented Rehgar moves at the same speed as regular mount. That said, I would trade insta 20% mount for regular one in majority of cases. Then there is his totem that makes you move relatively faster compared to affected enemy.

Replace Wolf Run with short movement speed buff after landing Z hit and you got awesome talent for aggressive Rehgar, that makes a lot more sense for what he should be.


Ok literally, I’m having fun with Reggie tonight. If you can micro his totem using talent 7, it becomes an annoying peel for your enemies, or an epic chase/lock down. I spec into totem increase of range, and the lightning shield build, or just the lightning talent alone at 16 is pretty fun since you can be front line if you have a beefy melee team. It’s fun as


Me and a buddy ran Uther Rehgar for about 4 QM games. Every one of those games we were able to 2v5 their team, walk away, generally with at least 2 picks. Again this is QM, however Rehgar is one of the most appealing healing/damaging roles in the game. Tank killer, self sustain, cc, insta move speed, wave clear. What more could you ask for?


precleansing a hook is one of the most satisfying things in the game imo (and rhegar is one of the few supports left with a straight cleanse), being a support that has decent/good wave/camp clear is also great, other supports i just have sit there and watch my team brawl over nothing. But landing the bite for the finishing blow is damn good.


lol, if you think an active hero like rehgar is boring dont ever play Li Li.



Healers like Li Li and Uther still have a straight up cleanse, they just have CDR built into it, either through Fast Feet or smackin’ things with your hammer. Lucio as well, but his is stupidly broken as he can cleanse the same target once every 15 seconds and as many others as he wants.


few =/= only

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Now guys, when I said fun, I didn’t mean he’s OP OP in a way. He could use a bit of buff here and there. Some love as you call it. Like a bit of extra DPS, bit more heal on the chainwave and HP. Infact buffing the totem’s HP just a bit and increasing its range by 5 % baseline might be a good start as well. The ults are fine.