How do I start in Bronze?

Since the start of this game, I am usually gold to platinum.

But I am always interested on what is bronze like? Do I create a new account and just play the 3 matches?

The max you can get is silver.
But if you start from silver and don’t use master skill, eventually the true bronze and silver players will get you down.

Lose every single game you play until lvl 50 then lose your 3 placement games. It might give it to you but this games ranking is horrible so even then i doubt it.

Yes. If you lose the first one, you will place in Bronze. If you lose all three, you will be B3 or B2 at most. But it’s not truly the Bronze Experience unless you get B5s in your matches after that.

silver is way worse than bronze, unless your in B5. Much of bronze is actually good.

Guys, we found him, the Bronze with Master Skills right here

if you want in bronze just dodge drafts till you get there. weird stuff but good matches do happen most of the time