How do I know my Trust Level?: Guide 101

+ Ever since 20th March 2020, this thread is obselete, simply go to your profile and check  your trust level from there.

+ Basically:

+ New = Level 0
+ Basic = Level 1
+ Member = Level 2
+ Regular = Level 3

A short guide because why not,

Before you ask, what the hell is this Trust Level?

Please read Understanding Discourse Trust Levels Blog post by Discourse Co-Founder Jeff Atwood.

Now since we got this out of the way.

the actual guide
- IMPORTANT: This will never work on Private users other than your account (Since you don't have permission to see their profile).

The only way you can figure out which level you are is through your .json file that every single one of you have which can be accessed publicly by anyone (unless your profile is set to private), to access it use the following link below:[name]-[ID].json


or go to the user profile, copy the link that links to their profile and then add .json at the end.

Then open the link!

Congrats! You accessed all the public data and all the user settings*.

* Your personal settings can only be seen if you own that profile, any user attempts to access an unowned profile will not receive data of that user’s personal settings.

To figure out which Trust Level you are, do the following:

  1. Open a Search Word Engine (Ctrl + F).
  2. Type trust_level in the Search Engine.
  3. To each word you found there’s a number next to it that would look like _0,_1,_2,_3.

  1. The trust_level with the highest number is your current trust level so basically, if your highest is trust_level_2 → you are Trust Level 2.


Now you know what is your current Trust Level in your forum journey!

Now shoo, stop asking me how do I figure it out, hope you found this helpful make sure you rate it 5 stars or you will get duplicates in the next 100 loot boxes in common quality.


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