How come I can wait for 2100 seconds and still not getting into a game in TL?


I was in a party with 2 other friends, one with sliver 2 and two with no ranks… and even QM is not quick either… omg are we being abandoned by the Nexus?


Yes the game is a bit dead


Qm is broken for most people currently.

As far as TL, this season is ending next week-ish. Might not be enough people queuing as 2 to fill your group, or people to match against your unranked members, dont know really.


What region/country?

TL is pretty dead at minor regions though.


The last week of the ranked season is generally the busiest, mothertrucking clown fiesta on the face of planet earf. I plan on doing my last placement right before that.


I was unaware of that. Then I really have no idea what’s going on with the OP. Is the population of TL extremely low outside peak hours?


A lot of people around this deep into the season have their placements finished and are satisfied with their rank. And then you gotta consider exam time for the schoolbies before winter break. But once they start advertising the few days left of the season on the Blizzard app, all hell will break loose.


Hong Kong using US server…
but even QM have to wait for at least 500sec+ which is nothing like their estimated wait time lol…


Well, At least QM can have a game on average 10 minutes.

In SG Region, you can queue for 10,000s for TL and you still won’t get a game.


Indeed, when they put that ad on the App, it’s really a warning for anyone who cares about their rank to log the heck off.

I have friends on the ANZ, they tell me they average about 1000sec queues, but can get Team League Games. My friend from HK and other friends in the Oceania regions say they never can find games in TL.


TL Taiwan in the Asia server experiences around 600~1200 secs of gay butt queue time.


kek, I’ll take your word on that last part. :sweat_smile: