How can players with 1000's of games played have bad kdas..?


You can run thousands of matches and still be absolutely terrible at the game, nothing new with that it’s not like its only a thing in HoTS. Hell I saw a level 284 Raynor that didn’t even know what stutter stepping was once, you’d think after that many games he’d of figured it out.


Considering that my games since the changes have only made it so most of my games have a tank and a healer, but are waaay less balanced player level and ranking level wise, I have a feeling its gonna mess up the KDAs even more if nothing else changes. Every game since the changes has been rainbow Q for me, with players from low silver to diamond and player levels from 1000+ to 100. Those lvl 100 Vallas getting bullied with 10+ deaths are messing up theirs and their opponents KDA.


I will also say that KDA is very relative in a game like HOTS.
Since takedowns can be gained for anything, and so called ‘‘tactical feeding’’ is actually a thing.
Since there are times when actually dying is good for your team and the over all game. KDA players are very often a detriment in this game.


True, there are sometimes benefits in sacrificing yourself for an objective or killing the enemy core. But on averge I see high winrate people with 5+ KDA, sometimes even 6 or 7.

I have never, ever seen a person with 55%+ winrate and only 3 KDA or less.


When a player has tens of thousands of games, you can be sure most of these are vs AI. Because 10000+ games in PvP takes its toll.

Imo, most people above level 1500 are farm boyz with lots of gamez yes still cluelezz. The goldilocks zone is 300-1500. Bellow that you have too few games to know the details, above, you are just a farm boy. There are exceptions, ofc.


Well, the more games you play, the less your KDA moves.
Also, if you play a lot of tanks, you will have probably worse KDA than if you play range assassins for example.
It’s actually hard to compare in generally.
People learn and so when they start, they can have horrible KDA but the more they play and the more they learn, their KDA improves, but it will average anyway, showing maybe biased results in the end.


Mine is 7.5 and I keep losing :wink:
I think the point is aggression. I had a match (a year ago) when three from my team constantly pushed against the enemy core. Absolutely ignoring every objective, camp, even the fact that teammates died. The match was won when the two of us realized that we just have to play along, because it’s a trade. A tower for a death, a kill for another death, and so we kept marching. If the enemy decided to go for objective or a camp, we won the 5v3 and got a fort / keep.

The strategy certainly doesn’t work post-15 due to death timers. Also, I played Malfurion.


I mean thats hoe you play Junkrat right? Just like in CoD you have martydom you run in the middle of the enemy team and kill them all.

To note, all my KDAs are way lower in QM because for the most times there was no healer there so more deaths happen.

Filter for draft atleast when judging performance

Also, you can run against a wall a 1000 times, its still a bad idea and these people havent learnt to stop running.


People who play like trash and refuse to care will always play like trash.

Happens all the time.


KDA’s are overvalued by a large extent. It does not indicate good play or not, merely how safe a player tends to play. In my experience, ranging from gold to master (well, even silver these days with the strange matchmaking), high KDA’s point to players who play overly safe and are a burden on the team 95% of the time, with very little one can do about it - these players are simply in it for the poke game and nothing else. It is basically 4.5 v 5 with them on the team. Players with low KDA’s play aggressively, some too aggressively, diving mindlessly, but at the very least one can attempt adapt to that by diving with these players, which sometimes works, sometimes ends in tears.

High KDA tanks are some of the worst, because they are not willing to do their jobs, which is to take calculated risks and if need be, save a teammate.

Overall, stats don’t mean anything in this game without context. Many players, OP included, do not grasp this.


i ran into an abathur player in QM who was terrible. didn’t know how to pick correct talents, played really unsafe, had to basically be coached at every point (not that he listened much), etc. At the end of the game I told him to look up some guides and go into AI or something to kinda get the hang of the basics for a bit so he actually had a chance at improving.

Check his profile after the game: level 100+ Abathur. The moral of the story? Player levels and character levels really don’t mean much. people can put in a lot of time and still be bronze 5.


a) number of games played =/= skill
b) kda =/= skill


Most veteran players main a few heroes.

When they don’t play their mains, they are ok, but probably not as good as where their mmr is for that hero.


7.5 over how many games? If you only played like 10 or 20 game and got lucky which i assume, then you are just stupid. Find a mode where you haven’t spammed abathur or any gimick hero with atleast 100 games, then come back. :slight_smile:


I don’t think everyone realizes KDA is the only thing that matters in this game.

You wanna know how I can cheese the f*@# out of my kda? Play nothing but Abathur.

But, playing pugs with a tank or support, or playing aggressively often means dying more. I’ve lost more games by playing was too cautiously and not dying than by being aggressive.

Also- I don’t give up when we’re losing badly- which means dying.

Someone with a really high kda is probably cheesing it. Playing normally- if I had a mage/spec account and a tank/support account, my kda would be massively different.


So many assumptions! So many wrong assumptions.
Go ahead and check hotslogs.
I just play safe, that’s all.


I told you to stop being stupid. Your KDA is inflated from you spamming backline heroes such as Malf and Li Li. The only person who is ever always in range of a supports healing is… Himself. I stated that KDA is hero specifik. This show on heroes like abathur, but also on support heroes and artillery heroes like Asmo and Chromie. Try give us your HL KDA over 100 games and dont come and say you dont play HL like a scrub. :slight_smile: Actually this might even be good enough because it looks like you are spamming supports only. Try give os your lifetime, Valla KDA.


This is funny. Whenever someone tries to argue with me after a game, and they can’t seem to defend themselves with something about the game, these bad players inevitably go after my KDA, and they brag about how theirs is higher. The thing is, they are ALWAYS lower ranked than me or their MMR is lower on hots (if they don’t play QM).

Which sort of makes sense. It’s usually the assassin or specialist player who pushes in lanes, who doesn’t come to objectives, so doesn’t die, but when they finally do join fights help get some kills. It’s like congrats, you’re soooo good getting that higher KDA than us by being a bad teammate.

My KDA on Probius is so low, but my win rate with him is also super high. I take a lot more risks because I’m not afraid of dying if there’s something to be gained. People overvalue the don’t die mantra, and end up playing pretty terribly a lot of the times.


Win Rate: 51.0%
Games: 145
KDA Ratio: 4.89
Career Takedowns: 1752
Average Takedowns: 12.08

Games Played: 933
Win rate: 49.0%
KDA ratio: 6.8
Total Takedowns: 12,288
Average Takedowns: 13.2


You probably want to show screenshots another time, but sure. Also notice that your Valla KDA isnt 7.5. it’s what i stated (around 4.5) as normal for someone playing at their right skill level, which looking at your HL rank is around gold/plat level.