HotS on weekend is like leaver's queue

Leavers, AFKs, trolls, bad players… no wonder this game didn’t make it. Losing streaks of 10 games easily on weekends.


Every moba has those, so I doubt that had a real impact.
It’s not rocket science what put HotS into maintenance mode, but it’s not the players being bad. It was the company’s higher ups who sacrificed this game so they can focus on rebuilding their image.

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Banning people for saying something “not nice” in chat instead of banning people afking was the other big problem of Blizzard. We all know the automated banning mechanism. If only enough ppl report you for abusive chat, you are suspended and then banned. But people can troll matches and afk or drop in draft all day long. Blizz always had the wrong priorities in this game.


We know that ppl over-report abusive chat and under trolling and being afk. This was an official statement.
Keep reporting those who intentionally misbehave.
The problem is, that it’s so much harder to notice that someone is inting and not just genuinely bad than the obvious mean- and ill-spirited trashtalk.

For every loser there is a winner.
Wishing you better luck!

The other explanation is that weekend casuals are way more skillful since their appearance suddenly devalues your contribution so much. Rank inflation is a known thing, too. It could also make sense, since these are probably rested players who are otherwise bringing their best.

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This more than anything. I’m really tired of people blaming all the Devs for decisions like the HGC for example. I doubt very much the Devs had influence over any larger choices for Hots like the HGC or monetization. Yet only yesterday on the forums someone made the claim that the “Devs killed Hots due to poor decisions made for the HGC.”

Hots was never a game released by a small indie company where roles and broad decisions might be less defined or overlap. Most of the direction of Hots was made from the top down, not individual Devs, yet that notion persists in the minds of some people.


Isn’t that a fact. Putting priority of punishment on an action that there are 3 ways to prevent vs something no one can prevent is so smart. Blizz is the smartest, most bestest game developer in the world. If you think I’m wrong? Just look at this amazing game they’ve abandoned…

Very few people make a distinction between

  • developer company (Blizzard)
  • developer people (some of its employees and contractors)

We also don’t know how the ability of developer people influenced decisions.
In trying to keep the game simple, it may not have the depth and details to be an eSport. Very simple example: the score screen.
We also don’t know how many features were dropped.
We are all Jon Snows and Jane Rivers.


We need to understand that its not the devs alone that make the decisions. There are people way higher in the Blizzard company that does that and if the devs dont get the funds to keep the game alive then they are forced to drop it.


You are just so sad. Considering you can be punished for both, I don’t know how you can honestly come to the conclusion that they prioritized one over the other.

Any other bottled up aggression you want to release? I can be your punching bag.

When leaving a match doesn’t ban you, but saying “you suck” does when you’re given 3 tools to combat text chat and 0 to combat others leaving the game it can be pretty obviously where the priority is.

Someone leaving the match is worse off for your team than a toxic player using text chat yet the leaver gets a smaller punishment of “you can play, but you play with leavers” vs “you simply can’t play”.

If you wanna attack me, at least have some merit to what you’re attacking me for.

when you don’t connect in a while you get better matches.

I imagine that it is so that casual players have a better experience.

this to the detriment of regular players.

That’s why for regular players, playing on the weekend is hell.

yes, it’s obvious

There is nothing random here, the matchmaking, and the reporting system work as programmed to do.

they have the logic that the devs printed on it.

that’s why everyone holds the devs accountable. for the death of the game and that’s why they left bliz.

Killing a game like this is not easy at all, you have to troll a lot to do it.

Not everyone does, but yes the devs are accountable.

This is their logic “oh no people are saying mean stuff, and while others can put action into their own hands to stop it from affecting them, we should also permanently ban people for it anyway. AFK’s? Nah they aren’t as detrimental to the positive experience of the game, its the text chatters who are more problematic, so lets lets the AFK’s continue to ruin quickmatches and aram’s while text chatters get silenced or can’t play at all. Lets put 3 options to put a stop to it, then ban players anyway”.

Can you believe people back this logic also? Crazy.

Lack of advertisement, proper monetization, and neglect will do it. No advertising to bring people to the game, no way to bring in money (since every item in the game can be bought with gold/shards), and no hiring of a proper team because of bad upper management who failed to do the two previous points.

Trolls in game can be handled through properly banning/punishing players who afk or feed or whatever. Every game has trolls, but most popular games also have advertisement and proper monetization. Blizzard used to be a blockbuster video game company that released pure gold seemingly effortlessly. They were reputable to create awesome games. Advertisement of hots, from a reputable game company, would definitely bring in players, and if monetized properly, money as well.

As long this game is free to play then banning have no meaning other then losing all the cosmetics you got. If they want to deal with it then it would be better to force people to pay up to get a new account. Then its up to the troll if he want to waste all his money on smurf accounts or stop playing.

On EU server we got 2 kids who has made over 100+ smurf accounts with racist names with only one purpose: to ruin games and trash talk. They can freely keep doing it cause making a new account cost nothing.

Trolls can freely switch between 10 smurf accounts and ruin games on each of them and nothing will happen cause they play only 1-2 games on each account.

If smurf accounts suddenly cost you 30 euro to make then you wont see them again unless he is a whale with a huge pocket. Then you atleast removed all the poor trolls from the game.

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That is the golden solution. Too late for this rendition of the game since people already have lots of free accounts. However its a great idea for a reboot.

Shut down the current hots server (like they did for overwatch so you don’t have your playerbase split), take away the free to play aspect and charge a base amount for the new game. Then just advertise and monetize this new game. It’ll be a nice refresh of the current game with a new engine and graphics, perhaps a story mode. I know people would buy it. Call it something different, add more to the game besides just multiplayer, like a single player mode and a co op mode where you can bring 2-5 players and play missions together. Another thing that helped in making this game uninteresting was taking away the brawls everyone loved and just made aram.

In this new rendition you’d have:
-improved engine and graphics
-new name
-solo campaign and co op modes added as well as ranked, quickmatch, custom games, vs AI and ARAM, plus bring back brawls.
-opportunities for new heroes
-advertisement to bring in new players
-Base game pay, better monetization (not overpriced like OW but not free to play like current hots)

Hopefully all of that allows for Microsoft to hire personnel to maintain the game better than before, new content/events, and a better report system where people who get reported are only banned after a human game moderator confirms and justifies the ban. The paywall will deter smurfs and trolls from creating new accounts and because of that, more orderly conduct will occur. If someone paid $20 or whatever for a game, they’re more likely to behave than in a free to play game where you just need another email. At the same time, because people are paying real money just to play, the report system has to be as perfect as possible so that players who deserve bans/suspensions are properly punished and players who do not deserve bans/suspensions are not.

See, saying you suck once or hell even a dozen times doesn’t get you banned either. That’s what’s so hilarious about the way you’re shaping your victimhood.

And if you leave enough matches consistently to the point you’re not contributing and your stats are well below what is expected, you actually do get banned too. I mean if your solution is to ban anyone who leaves a game, then all of us would be banned for reasons out of our control. There has to be some leniency, which there is quite a bit of for both offenses.

You’re just whining because YOU got banned for the former and somehow twist in your own imagination that they prioritize one over the other.


Maybe not, but if you get reported for it then yes. Maybe not a dozen, but it’s much more common than afk bans.

What’s hilarious is thinking me pointing out truths is shaping my “victimhood”. You just want to keep throwing stones. Go ahead. If you need someone to lash out on because of whatever it is, keep it coming. I hope this helps you mentally.

No. It isn’t. I leave games all the time. And never once have I gotten an email about actions being taken against my account due to leaving or being afk. And I’m not the only one. And not ever have I seen someone complain about being banned because they left games. Leavers queue is what they complain about. Prove me wrong since you think you’re right.

Not ban off of one game, but like abusive chat is now, ban off of multiple offenses. Except you don’t get banned for afk, ever. It’s always abusive text chat. Being afk or leaving results in leaver queue as a punishment, but nothing further. Abusive text chat reports always end in a ban. Why’s that? Why is a more serious action (with no way to deal with it) punished less harsh than a less serious offense. Makes no sense.

Okay dude now they’re just ad hominem attacks. With baseless claims. You just can’t seem to let go of your fabricated narrative about me because you just want someone to belittle because you aren’t satisfied with your own reality so you use these forums to make yourself feel better. If that’s what you need, proceed.

A player will lose also lose any owned heroes of course. I do think you have a point though Froggy, since the release of the 100 Gem hero bundles I’ve noticed a huge increase of troll accounts and I do mean troll accounts.

These troll accounts will have B-Tag’s like “IWillFeed”, “DieBlizzard”, “HotsDed”, etc., and because they can get 20 heroes in the bundle at level 25 (for free) they can just make easy cheap accounts to troll on and get into ranked matches very quickly with the free boosts that come with the starter chest.

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It does if only people report you for abusive chat. Even so Blizzard states in their emails that there happened an investigation, we all know there wasn’t. It is number of reports in a given time. Easy as that.