Hots needs to be more rewarding towards players, asap

  1. heroes are way too expensive. if i want to purchase a single hero i need to play for a week or more?!
    most of people (like me) wont pay real money to purchase heroes for a dead game. make better system, you earn more players, you earn more $. current business model is bad.
  2. chests are dropping absolute * * * * . from the last 7-8 chest i opened 2 rare sprays and 26 commons like emojis. who the * * * * is motivated to open chests to get emojis, sprays and banners? i beleive 99.9% players are not.
    game has to be more motivating toward players to play the game. please fix it asap

100% Agree with you but Blizzard’s HOTS team is the equivalent of Twitter’s Ethics department… Completely tilted and out for coffee.

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