HOTS may be getting shut down due to FTC


Right now the FTC is planning on a motion to move forward with investigating loot boxes here in USA which could result in regulations being imposed on video games.

So HOTS,which makes most of its money via loot boxes, will be hit hard by this.

We all know that this game is giving poor returns. With a loss in profits from other franchises in blizzard, you can expect them to cut projects that are not giving needed returns.


They already dealt with this in Belgium and didn’t need to shut down as a result of the compliance. And moreover, it is just an investigation you’re jumping the gun thinking they’ve already come up with a directive to remove paid loot boxes, which again is the contention here it is paid loot boxes.


I really don’t like loot boxes in HOTS because their are just to many items on top of the fact that duplicates are far too common to the point were you can get 4 in a row that’s just BS when you spend money. It’s like your giving blizzard money and their is no good reward for it. just remove it from the game and let people spend money on items that they want.


If we can gamble on sports I doubt they could pass a loot box ban.


I seriously doubt that HotS will even still be around by the time the legislation required to shut them down because of Loot boxes is a thing. Seriously, laws take forever to get passed here in the US.


loot boxes and micro transaction is actually killing gaming as a whole so I really hope that all of it get ban also in the US.



Don’t pick up your pitchfork just yet.



And I completely agree with you, I hate the way the gaming industry is currently monetized, but I REALLY don’t see micro transactions going anywhere.


requirement would probably shift to having to prove that you’re an adult to buy loot boxes.

The issue of these investigations isn’t that loot boxes overall are the problem.

But that younger people can become addicted to gambling (which loot boxes do resemble) and the issues that causes.

Which brings the problem is how can games check for this?

Well, Blizzard is probably one of the companies that could implement something easier than others.

But solutions involve things such as “rating a game M” argument being that if someone is breaking the law to buy and play the game, it isn’t up to the publisher to ensure the laws are followed.

Alternatives like require ID linked to accounts to make these kinds of purchases, etc.

Or other solutions.


I wish to be clear, I personally dislike loot boxes, and wish they were removed and move back to the old system. I have ideas how it could work with new content. But I don’t think it is going to happen anyways.


Yes and you are speculating the entire time starting with your topic title claiming HoTS may be getting shut down due to FTC. And you’re also speculating that loot boxes are the main source of income when you have no data as to what % of profit do loot boxes actually contribute to the overall returns as compared to other sources.

You have no actual data to back up your claim that:

Source please?


I PERSONALLY love loot boxes…

But that is probably because I have never bought one (nor did I ever buy a skin pre-2.0)


well we have to speak with our wallets and not buy them. I haven’t bought a single loot box in HOTS since last year. I don’t get how we cant buy emojis its like really blizzard people are not gonna buy loot boxes if they know that its not worth it and a waste of money.


Exactly, did loot boxes even constitute as much profit as compared to more reliable purchases like bundles, discount skins, or boosts? I honestly doubt that.


I should have clarified I mean I dislike the system they result in.


At most, Blizzard would need to publish drop-rates for their loot types.

There is zero possibility of the game getting shut down.

Contrary to what you may believe, HotS has no problem generating profit and by social media engagement, it’s looking like Orphea’s release has pushed the game into a new height of popularity.


OW has made over a billion dollars via selling loot boxes. You can google this and read up on it yourself.

Like I said, you are a 5 year old walking in an an adult conversation. I’m not going to reply to you again until you educate yourself on the matter.




Loopholing this kind of stuff is as simple as making you buy a “token” that gets you 1 item instead of 4 for 1/4rth of the price

Besides, random microsransactions are so deep encrusted in so many games, at this point its kinda like banning alcohol. And dont do crap to fix the issue: Almost random-loot-focused game like Diablo also pray on gambling, they might as well try to ban the rng tables. And if you go THAT far, even banning the plate-bikini makes more sense at this point…


I hate micro transactions of all form, be it loot boxes, skins or DLC.

I miss the days when I could buy a game and actually get to play all of the game.