HOTS is Dead Game. Not even in Annual Report. RIP

When you started censoring players your games started failing. You implemented this lazy “reporting system” and encouraged people to snowflake in your games which made it even more toxic.

You need to only add a mute player option or ability to avoid being on the same team when you roll team match ups (more disliked = longer que times since less people want to be on your team). This could be reset on a yearly basis possibly depending on player levels. But every player should have the right to express themselves (if you do not share this value, good luck being taken over or shutting down operations); even if it is something such as calling out another player for NOT being careful or terrible at the game. This is not toxic, it is an important check needed for a community to succeed. If people are too “toxic” aka spamming or very bad at the game they will suffer longer que times as a result. The ability for other players who are terrible and waste others time should not be defended in this game and goes beyond any “wrong think” your reporting system tries to employ by allowing you to bully players out of playing already bad games. I know you like having control over players but kicking them in the face with more and more restrictions and trying to squelch them is against not only the customer but also shareholders and needs to be fixed or you will go out of business once investors recall their funds within the next few years (or get bought out by another company).

Instead Censorship Service attacked players and this IS WHY HOTS DIED. I warned you years ago about this issue, now you got everyone fleeing Blizzard because you stopped listening to players. Take advice from people who have played your games not some idiots who are yes men and agree with whatever dumb idea just to get clout.

OG Blizzard you had to submit manual tickets and they ignored you if you wanted to cry about some player calling you a noob. Having automated censorship has drove players away from your games and whoever put this reporting system in place should be immediately fired, it has lost you more business then you can imagine in the long run.

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What you typed is in no way a bug.