HOTS crashing NVIDIA driver

At first i was having problems with the agent service that would always have a problem to “wake up” after i shutdown the computer, sometimes making my computer really slow because there would be multiple instances of it. I found out it was related to the windows 10 fast wake up feature, the agent would work normally when i restarted the computer, while using the shutdown option and them turning on again it would sometimes take several minutes to “wake up”. I disabled the windows 10 fast wake up feature now the agent works normally and there are no more errors in the launcher.

But now, whenever i launch HOTS for the first time, after a few minutes, it don’t make a different being in a game or just in the initial menus, the NVIDIA driver crashes, but it’s not randomly, it have a pattern, and only happens with HOTS, i can play any other game without the driver crashing, even “heavier” games with everything on ultra like BF1, Dark Soul 3, GTA V etc. So this is how it happens:

Step 1.Turning on the computer after playing normally before > launch HOTS > after a few minutes, the NVIDIA crashes, sometimes the audio get weird before crashing > black screen > hit the shutdown button.

Step 2. Turning on the computer after hitting the shutdown button > launch HOTS > play for hours without problem > shutdown the computer normally.

Step 3. Repeat step 1.

I did some research and saw more people with the same problem, but none of the solutions suggested worked, so here’s some info:

-Latest driver version available already installed
-GeForce experience overlay already disabled
-DXDIAG: pastebin .com/6xi6Ajb5

I think HotS might potentially be heavier on the GPU than those games. The StarCraft II engine was made with some pretty cutting edge shader design to the point that some older GPUs (Nvidia GT 8800) were not designed to run such a workload for an extended period of time. More modern GPUs should not have any trouble with such workloads thanks to better hardware design.

With Windows 10 it is important to note the following behaviour occurs.

  • Pressing shutdown without modifiers causes the computer to cache the current driver state. This allows the OS to load faster when it is next started by restoring the cached driver state rather than reloading the drivers. However it also means that the current driver state gets restored, including if it is in a buggy state.
  • Pressing restart will perform a traditional shutdown followed by automatic start. The drivers will be freshly loaded next time the OS is started. As the drivers are reset to initial state, any buggy driver state related issues will be fixed.
  • Sending the computer to sleep and resuming it will maintain the current driver state. All driver state is written out to storage as well so if the system was to lose standby power it would still restore the drivers and any application state to what it was when the system was sent to sleep.

I would recommend posting your DXdiag listing as that contains information that may be relevant to your problem. Otherwise my generic advice would be to reinstall all GPU drivers. Use Display Driver Uninstaller (third party application) to remove the existing drivers before clean installing the latest from the appropiate vendor. If you use an Intel CPU this may also mean removing and reinstalling the Intel integrated GPU driver. Even if you do not use the integrated GPU, it still has to be managed by the operating system to work alongside the Nvidia dedicated GPU.

Thanks for your reply, i updated the post with my dxdiag, i can’t post links so there’s a space before the .com.

I think HotS might potentially be heavier on the GPU than those games.

Even while not playing in a match, just in the initial menus?

Yes, ironically that was the worst time since the scene is not very complex so even a weak CPU could max out the GPU rendering it at a high frame rate when uncapped. Although they did introduce a hard 60 FPS frame cap on the menus for that very reason so it should no longer be a problem.

Usually support requires the dxdiag listing to help with problems like these since it lets them look for specific issues that may be relevant to your system.

EDIT: My bad, noticed now you already posted one. Sorry.

Hey ViNi,

Looking at the DXDIAG I’m not seeing a whole lot that would explain the driver crashes. I see origins.exe and swtor.exe crashing in the Windows error log portion, but nothing about HOTS.

It looks like you’re using a TV for your display. Do you happen to have a spare PC monitor that you could try testing the game with to see if that prevents it? The resolution on the TV looks a bit odd as well 1360 x 765

If you haven’t already you could also try lowering the graphics settings, and switching the game to Windowed mode to see if that helps.

Lastly, we could also check the temperatures for the GPU using HWmonitor.

  1. Download HWMonitor and install it.
  2. Launch the program before starting the game and allow it to run in the background.
  3. Play for at least 15-20 minutes or until the issue occurs.
  4. Switch back to HWmonitor, maximize the window, then expand all of the individual sections.
  5. Scroll to the top and take a screenshot. For Windows 10 press Win+Shift+S to take a screenshot of the window. For Windows 7 or 8.1 press the Printscreen key on your keyboard.
  6. Paste the image into the Paint program and save it as a .bmp or .jpg
  7. If you were unable to capture all of the sections in the first screenshot, scroll down in HWmonitor and repeat the process of screenshotting and saving it.
  8. Upload the images to an image hosting website like then share the unique links in your next post. Paste the links here, then highlight everything and hit the </> button in the posting section so it will allow the link.