Horribly Described Abilities


Why do I think this is from some Anime? xD


Nah its actually from Pulp Fiction


Fine too.


Q: pyuhhh
R2: Band class



Been searching for that one like for, forever, thx :smiley:


you’ve been searching for tyrande’s D?



:joy: :blush: :rofl:

Admitted, a fetish :smiley:


Let me know more about your fetish.


Medivh: Dust of Appearance

“Hide and Go Seek, Medivh cheats!”


Q1 - stab
Q2 - 42 seconds windup teleport stab
W1 - generic AoE stab
W2 - you don’t do this to a man. ever.
E1 - possibly big stab
E2 - slightly different stab
R1 - ironskin V2.0
R2 - I’d not go in there for the next 20 minutes lol
D -


Q: button mashing #1
W: button mashing #2
E: hit it when enemy AA hero engage
R1: hit it in case of emergency
Trait: running around and avoid CC and burst damage


Raynor is easy to describe aswel, carbot explained him in excruciating detail:

Oh and to describe his abilities:
Press Q to win
Press W to win
Press E to win
Press R to win
Optionaly press D to win based on talent choises


Nova Decoy: You, but with extra snowflake.


D.va trait: Have a free 0.5 player exp. I wont run.





1: get harder :smirk:
Trait: beat minions until they follow you
Q: get a boomerang
W: harvest everything
E: tell someone they’ll stop moving
R1: release all the poisonous things from your body which hurt you
R2: summon the enemies’ fans so they are slowed down by the crowd asking for autogramms


Li Ming’s ult : KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAAAAAAA!


*Fenix’s Planet Cracker :smiley:


Tyrael trait:
Be a honorable japanese pilot…


Kael’s :thinking: ? :smiley: