Heroes takes a long time to launch

Ever since around the time of Deathwings launch my game launches very very slow, I get a window pop up saying “Preparing game data” and it stays on that for like 4 minutes before my game actually launches, what could I do to fix this? I don’t have this issue with Starcraft

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I am having the same issue. Have tried running Battle.net and HOTS as an admin, uninstalled and reinstalled Battle.net and HOTS. Game is stored on an SSD and this is the only app that launches slowly.

glad to know Im not the only one. I was considering trying to reinstall, but if it didn’t work for you I have my doubts about it now

The “Preparing game data” downloads a 133MB file, which sometimes happens at a very slow speed determined by the Blizzard server.

It should only happen during patch day, but for some people it happens every time after launching the client, which is obviously a bug.

been having this issue too, anyone got a fix?