Heroes of the Storm Update - July 8, 2022

Heroes of the Storm Update - July 8, 2022

We want to let you know about a development change we’re making for Heroes of the Storm.

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Ah yes. Now the forum robot have to remind us aswell.


There are at least 10 different threads talking about this with almost everyone involved in the general forums normally discussing it. This pretty much tells us that Blizzard pays absolute zero attention to the forums at all :frowning:

Doesn’t work most of the time :eye:

Thank ya for supporting our game we dont support, Good job blizzard.

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I’ve worked for big companies before, allow me to translate this announcement…

“You are one of our most passionate communities, but you don’t send us enough monies so you are dead to us, later nerds.”

“However, here’s a sUPeR rArE MoUnT!!!”

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This could perhaps be the forum robots last announcement? Maybe we should all pause and give it a quiet minute of respect…

I guess the next time the robot might appear is to announce that the servers are closing down and with them, the forums, but that will probably be the Microsoft robot.

Thoughts and prayers forum robot, I love you!


Respect the robot but as long it does not make Sami unemployed on the forum :smiley:


Why must this title have similar typography to patch notes… Just call the post “The future of HotS” or something I keep being misled whenever I see it :skull:

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Where Natch Potes? We do get one last patch right?

There wasn’t one. The announcement says all future updates will be bug fixes or making sure the client stays stable and doesn’t crash. There will be no new buyable in-game content anymore either.

We will get a free Epic mount as a last thank you though :smiley:

HotS could have done so much better and had a huge community if Blizzard didn’t grief + neglect their own playerbase.

These guys allowed for a highly abused, fully automated report system; which for many years unjustly rendered account actions with zero chance of account appeal. All appeal attempts resulted in a cookie cutter response and immediate ticket closure. Their attitude was basically “if you accumulated enough reports you prob deserved it lel git fooked.”

Then, they severely neglected the OFFICIAL forums and if you wanted any insight or communication with blues you had to take to radical liberal, troll infested twitter.

Blizzard destroyed themselves through terrible politics and simply not caring. Same way the great Roman Empire collapsed; apathy and poor management from within.

Yes, there will.

Future patches will primarily focus on client sustainability and bug fixing, with balance updates coming as needed.

If something ends up being OP, it won’t stay there forever. (Just 6 months)