Heroes of the Storm Live Patch Notes - May 18, 2021

Heroes of the Storm Live Patch Notes - May 18, 2021

Our next Heroes of the Storm patch is live! Read on for more information.

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Damn u I was about to be first XD.

Jk its cool


Experience Globes

  • Experience Globes will no longer time out after 6 seconds. Instead, they will shrink and become worth 25% of their original value for an additional 39 seconds.

Developer Comment: We are continuously looking for gameplay changes that make the game more fun while also educating the player base. This change does both - giving teams that missed the crucial 6 second timing window a chance for partial redemption while, at the same time, showing players where they are missing valuable experience via lane soaking. The team has been enjoying how this plays internally and are eager to hear your feedback.

^ They are really turning their players dumber and dumber which each exp change

Whats next? No experience globes, no advanced tactics like lanefreezing. you can fight all day (well this basicly happened with this patch)
Changes like this just chases me away from the game rather then endorsing me to play it


I personally think the original exp globe change was the best version. I guess this isn’t too bad but I’ll need to see it in game to really feel it out.

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Someone please explain why they nerfed Anduins new pursued by grace from 44 to 26 in the new updated PTR notes??? This is a massive nerf.

Shouldn’t it have been increased, not decreased especially since the procs are limited to basic attacks whereas before they were ANY source of damage?

" * Alterac Pass

  • Mountain Giant Boss Camps will search for enemy Core units in a larger area."

Heh, I had a match on that map last night, and it was funny to watch the boss we capped just kind of sitting there, having a staring contest with Vanndar.

Regarding the XP changes, I don’t think it is terrible, as the team that soaks properly will still have a large advantage, and I can see some gank opportunities arising from letting XP globes act as bait.


OP with 0 post count, must be a throwaway account smh my head.

On a serious note, I’ll jump back to SL again. I’ll just have to perma ban Valla now.


Yeah, people will always prefer to soak the full exp than 25% exp. It also lasts 39 seconds, which is basically the time the next wave takes to get there. If people are fighting mid forever, they will still lose the full exp.

Hopefully this shows players the exp they lost/could potentially have gotten and will make people fight all the time less and less.


I might finally get some quality Falstad games now that Valla is public enemy number one! Falstad is still a really dangerous AA hero. I like that they only nerfed the lightning and buffed the Q quest a little.

Finally, something has happened. Glad you are still alive there.

Developer Comment: We are constantly looking for ways of improving the player experience. This update should help players in Storm League find whom they are looking for. Common terms across the MOBA Genre have been added to many heroes allowing players to search for things like Double Soak, Sustain, Escape, Camps, Burst, Mage, Stun, CC, etc. Please give the ones listed a try and others you may think of. You may find it comes up with something you expect. Remember that if you need an alphabetical return you will need to have the Alphabetical flag turned on.

In other words visit reddit and we read it…

Not sure how I like the xp change. Encouraging bad play seems counter productive; the system was nearly perfect before.



Before also cost him a level 1 talent. Now he gets healing on basic attacks and another talent.


and another talent? He already could have 2 talents on 1 baseline.

Take your time to look at the following:

Common terms across the MOBA Genre have been added to many heroes allowing players to search for things like Double Soak, Sustain, Escape, Camps, Burst, Mage, Stun, CC, etc.

I am sure that is a posivite change.


And now he gets a weaker Pursued by Grace and a stronger second talent, as well as an actual choice between those talents.


Heart heart heart! I wish I could give more hearts but thus I am limited to one per post on here. I’m glad the patch is out! I’m feeling Valla, Stitches and Jo atm!

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Yea you right. Lazy design. If people fails to get the exp from a lane then it should be his own fault. This move just adds more banaids to bad players that dont understand how important laning is.