Heroes of the Storm Live Patch Notes - June 23, 2020

All hail the Blizzard Entertainment bot…though I honestly miss Sami posting this. I guess it gives him some time off for more modding. :slight_smile:

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Question: Can valeera use her stealth abilities when she gets stealth from the fog effect?

Edited: tested it, she can’t.


It is a pretty neat idea imo. The only one i do not like is the rain as it comes out of nowhere and can not actively and deliberately be used like stealth or the shields.

can she use it with Tyrande/BW/Medivh’s stealths?

take it out of ranked.
let the visuals be toggled.
Make the rain something else.

And I would consider it fine. not good, just not bad.


Well Planer you said it all for me! :wink: Just do the above and I’m fine with it. Honestly the weather feels like something you would have got in the old classic brawls. It really shouldn’t be something in Ranked.

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No idea, never tested it.

we need to summon Hailfall

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Cant wait to try as soon as i get off work.

Tested it, she can’t.


good to know. So she has to stealth by herself when she is already stealthed :thinking:
that’s some grade of Inception


Mal’Ganis had previously been given a health reduction of 125hp. Which has now been reduced to 50 hp.
His health regen is now reduced by 0.10 instead of 0.26

Yeah, I was stealthed and had to stealth with trait to have the abilities :rofl:


It would have been nice to see it buff Valeera if only for how stupid broken it might be.

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I know it will change, but I’ve had 2 QM mirror matches with Mei players. You guys need to stop playing her as a fragile ranged assassin! She’s not Jaina boys and gals.


you’re right, she obviously is far better/worse (or worse/better) looking!

queue flame wars?

This wouldn’t usually be an issue against another tank. But 2 Mei will be trying to get an advantage over each other at range.

It’s entirely anecdotal but I just had my 3rd QM, this time not a Mei mirror match! The enemy Mei supported by her Imperious stayed backline for most the match.

It was quite an easy game, with our Nova (on TOTSQ) managing follow up on my Dehaka drags taking Mei out with AA shells. It means nothing, but I’m just happy not to have a mirror match. The Mei still did play it very safe and ranged though.

I’m not going to add any fuel to that potential bonfire! :innocent:

I wonder how tanky she actually is. I’m starting to think she is actually pretty easy to kill, but I’ll see it later.

Bit scared of her wombocombo ult potential but my only real problem with her is induce hibernation. Like daaaaaamn…

Like figured from before, a ranged tank with no hard CC makes for a questionable main tank. Will be interested in seeing what role high level players will be using her as since she doesn’t have a weak kit, but a weird one.