Heroes of the Storm Live Patch Notes - December 1, 2020

Understandable Sonya nerfs

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Sonya got straight buffs? Imperius was the only nerf in the whole patch.

Hmm. Must’ve read wrong.

Anyway, now that Sonya, a very good hero is buffed, I’m happy.

Where Artanis buffs?

I will adapt. :robot:


They only buffed talents nobody picked.
(I still won’t be picking them. W talents after lvl 1 are kind of useless)

I guess patch is not live atm? I have the november patch. And don’t have the Hogger on the collection.

The patch comes only in Europe tomorrow (Wednesday)


Thanks for the update!

The patch comes only in Europe tomorrow (Wednesday)

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Except I’m not toxic I am so toxic :expressionless:

I know I can’t prove it, but it is said that you are Lyrasona and that could lead to creating many accounts. It is not for nothing my assumption. I have a reason.

My comment, which they deleted, was not toxic by the way.

Looks like the old winter event skins are up and available with Hogger. I wonder if we’ll be getting anything new or not?

Is it normal that Hogger says nothing when I select him?

I recall him being talky on the Ptr :thinking:

The forum makes false accusations too. I didn’t check his account rank but I don’t trust a lot of accusations on this forum

I was really hoping for a new ARAM map or two.

Can we expect more changes to ARAM as a whole or is it what it is for the near future?

So the OW quest is now “Play as an OW or Nexus hero”

Neat little change. Very nice.


meanwhile gazlowe siting on 59% winrate and no nerf

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I complained about that a week ago when the patch notes were presented and no one agreed with me

Just into 1000 replies! Exacted that new Hogger live patch has included Winter Veil Classic Bundle though the limited time Winter collections I want to have Winter’s Helper Valla skin.

Do you mean Gazlowe? Most (reasonable) people still want a few nerfs to him, he is still sitting at almost 60% wr.