Heroes of the Storm Balance Patch Notes - November 4, 2020

Sewage tunnels?

I see pyroblast dodging cheese in the near future.


I think these buffs make his level 20 actually competitive to the point I wouldn’t just instantly pick rewind. With these buffs I would be okay with them removing or nerfing rewind too.

I’m really excited about the WHJ changes. That was one of my least favorite maps.


I don’t mind the warhead changes, but if they touch it again, I hope they won’t alter it too radically.

If we’re going to be touching battlegrounds, I’m hoping to see some blackheart changes in 2021.


Same here. Unsure if I’ll like it better or worse with the changes but at least they’re working on it.

Now if only BHB can get some attention.

Was about time Warhead map got some changes. They even said what 1000 of other players think. That map is jsut too big.

I am definitely going to try them out, but being able to single-handedly turn a fight into a 4v5 and stunlocking an entire team is too strong. I could see those buffs if they removed Rewind. I might change my mind, but the fact that Cryptweave basically chains Anub to a particular location just isn’t that good in my opinion.

It’s been 2 years since Nova got last changes. It seems devs update everyone except her. :confused:


Nothing too exciting with hero changes but I’m looking forward to more map changes such as this one - this makes WHJ much less frustrating to play against Abathur, stealth and global heroes. These newly added tunnels connect two vertical points on the map rather than serve as exit point such as is the case on Towers of Doom.

Also a great concern

At least now his late game feels like a late game. Before rewind was the only thing worth taking. It made Anub a nightmare though. I wouldn’t mind seeing a CD nerf for it provided these buffs don’t get nerfed into oblivion. Also, why the heck is locust swarm still on a 100s CD? It feels like that needs to come down to be competitive with cocoons power level.


Something is being done about how big WHJ is and I’m glad about that.

What a good time to play Alarak. He just needs some buffs to Last Laugh and Pure Malice to have a perfect talent tree.

Deer buff…time to check out the buffs in action :smiley:

Yeah, the CD is the main issue with Locust Swarm. It is a great talent on its own, but competing with Cocoon is tough.

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I had to login cause for some reason the wiki says 70s is the CD. I knew that wasn’t right!

Anub’s level 20 talents are interesting. He finally has a decent heroic upgrade.
I find the Traitor King talent to be a bit weird due to the SPELL armor it provides. He seems to have a bit of an overabundance of spell armor in his kit. Would’ve been fun to see him get physical armor instead to offset his weakness, rather than to conditionally refine his strength.

Dehaka’s Primal rage is my go-to talent and it’s weird to see it getting buffed.

I would’ve preferred seeing Alexa being able to activate her W early rather than this range increase :stuck_out_tongue:

The Failstad buffs are… interesting. If I was to buff him, I would’ve given him a bit of HP, rather than more damage, but I suppose buffs are buffs.

LULnara… Bossom Swell is my favorite talent, but I don’t really remember the bonuses it provided. Can’t really tell just by memory if this is a straight up buff, or a functionality exchange. Applying 2 venom stacks is nice in its own, but her level 7 Q talent requires the target to already have stacks on it in order to receive as much damage as possible. So I don’t think this will change much in Q build itself. If anything, this would make my build better, where I take Bossom Swell and the lvl 20 trait upgrade.
The Starwood Spear change is interesting, but I don’t think it will make the talent much more popular.

Sylvanas MC buff is welcome, but I think that her level 20 upgrade needs a playmaking potential, such as getting a pierce, rather than just a cdr.

WHJ change sounds scary. Personally I liked how the map played, as it allowed a bit more dueling. I just don’t like how weak the nukes are. Will give more feedback after I’ve played the map :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can’t find it now, but I remember there was a dev post on an AMA a little while ago where they said Nova was outdated compared to new Heroes like Hanzo and that some kind of rework was in order for her. So hopefully we can see some improvements soon :slight_smile:

This is more of a tech talent you take situationally. A baseline buff like this makes it more appealing in those situations.

WOW. They buffed every bruiser except for thrall. I mean i get it in higher ranks thrall is nearly overtuned but outside of diamond/masters hes one of the worst heroes in the game.

True, but I never found appeal to take it. I like the pure damage buff/s a lot more, in any situation.