Heroes of the Storm Balance Patch Notes - July 20, 2021

Tried out the Jaina changes, must say Q build feels great. It took me half my average time to get my IceBlock and the debuff bonus at 16 helped me melt the enemy Artanis and Blaze. Admittedly I’ve only played two games with her rework, but she feels very strong.

She’s either going to be played less while these heroes are in the spotlght. Or she’ll be played more becasue people won’t be banning her anymore.


A few things for the Tyrande Changes :
The patchnotes say her attacks heal for 2% of her health and 4% if the target is marked. The values in “Try Hero” right now are 1% / 2%, the tooltip also says so ingame, so either the patchnotes are wrong or the values didnt get updated ingame.


Ow I have no problem with it, i found the parachute always a bit awkward

No valla nerfs. Gg 20 char

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As a heads up, her E talent is bugged. It is giving CDR on everything right now, minions, buildings, mercs, whatever. If you are fighting in lane, 2 second CoC the entire time. You would think they would check these things after the Falstad fiasco, but … yeah.


Here are a few observations I made regarding Pack Instincts from some light experimentation, mostly as a quick reference to spare others the time to test it otherwise.
It does increase the % damage from Corrosive Saliva.
It does apply to buildings.
The bounce attacks from mutalisks do not apply the debuff on all targets. In other words, only the mutalisk’s primary target takes extra damage.

One other observation that I made was just how well the new charge system for Zagara’s Q synergizes with the unchanged Baneling Massacre at level 7. To somewhat oversimplify it, the reduced cooldown from the talent alongside Nydus Network’s passive allows Zagara to send out bursts of 8 banelings with surprising frequency. This makes her already impressive siege damage substantially more powerful when she is left uninterrupted, particularly with Pack Instincts to quickly destroy buildings.


Thank you Hoku. I found that out on my second game with her where I wasn’t going Q build, a pretty insane bug to allow to go live I agree.

How are you enjoying the Artanis changes? I must say as soon as I saw him listed in the patch notes I felt very happy for you!

Just tried Morales.

It reminded me why I didn’t play Morales…


About Kharazim, if I don’t pick Insight at lv1, and pick the new talent at lv20, do I need to build up the stacks at that late game?


No you get half the reward , I checked in try mode because I had the same question :stuck_out_tongue:


As a dedicated Azmodan main, i am VERY happy to see them nerfing talents & abilites i never use :grin:

Azmo’s path of destruction remains undeterred.

Yeah. second game as Morales. And playing her is still depressing. You have no control over anything, and picking Medevac is useless because your team mates won’t use it.

Back to not touching her.

I’m quite dissatisfied with her changes. Idk maybe it’s just not the changes I was hoping for since she still has many self sustain issues even though she’s intended to hold down a lane.

I personally don’t see how this makes Zagara better. She still has inconsistent damage.

Plus I’m mad they didn’t make Nydus a baseline mount.


I’m skeptical on the Artanis changes, the block might have been nerfed. I’d prefer They keep the 75% damage mitigation, 3 stacks max, and make it blade dash only.

Not sure the unstoppable will really do anything.

why rework morales but not butcher? he also needs some buffs in his talents

So far, not bad. My muscle memory is a bit off with the E change (increased cast time, but no self-root), so I was missing some I shouldn’t have. The W change is delightful, and I am working on getting better with the Unstoppable timing. I was doing well against a Dehaka, but screwed it up against a Loop Chromie, and being able to cleanse Blinds is just lovely. I always took Shield Battery more than many Artanis players, and the buff felt very strong, especially with Phase Bulwark at 13.

I did try the updated Reactive Parry, and it is still “meh”.


Yeah, I feel like the Artanis and Zagara changes went overboard. But we’ll see.

I misread and thought unstoppable was from Q, and that would have been stupid, but it still requires a successful swap, so I feel that’s a good skill check for the bonus. However, it’s going to be brutal playing against a good Artanis that can time swaps well. But that in combination with more W range (which takes no skill and is a simple point to click gap closer) is going to make him a little too sticky.

Baseline 6.6 range on Zagara is I just think too much when she already has hunter killer that allows her to do damage from range. It triggers me too because I hate how queens made early game aggression in SC2 completely one dimensional and pointless.

EDIT: Forgot to add Tyrande. Giving a balanced hero pure buffs in both baseline and talents just seems stupid.

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does he really tho he’s a snow ball but it i have utterly destoryed teams and also met complete defeat as him as well

yeah, i think his talents are outdates he needs some improvements, many talents that he has could merge in to better ones, i dont expect devs directly buff his already insane damage, just increase his talents kit with diversity and power, not all but most of his talents are weak, despite his skills kit are very odd, as it should be i like it, but as same as morales, they can improve a lot better his talents, so he can be a better hero faster in every game, games are becoming shorter, with the xp changes, now the games feels faster but the butcher stacking procces always take time, while ago, devs improved zuljin with a talent at level one that allows him to earn double stacks, something like that on butcher would be awesome

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