Heroes of the Storm Balance Patch Notes - August 20, 2021

Heroes of the Storm Balance Patch Notes - August 20, 2021

Heroes of the Storm has just been updated with Hero balance changes! Read on for details.

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huh, thought these would have been put off for another week cuz of the announcement lastest night


Healer buffs! :blush:

I’m not sure if I’m saying this too soon or not, but Zagara is still disabled so we can’t try her now.

I’m honestly very excited to try Lunara and Qhira - since every now and then I play Lunara’s other builds that you usually don’t see, and they finally received a bit of a buff.

Lunara got BUFFED? :scream:
Time for some weeding, AGAIN :deer: haHAHA


Alright, this is funny.
I rage about Zagara, they disable her in a day.
I rage a bit about Nazeebo’s Q build, they buff him in a day.
It’s not even my birthday!

(Bit of a twisted thought, but reads nice, does it.)
So, thanks for the changes. Let’s hope they work out. :slight_smile:

ps.: Regarding the Qhira Dev Comment - I think E is a bit unreliable, so putting talents into it is a bit of gambling, hence many non-mains might just default to other talents. It’s like me with the Q path on virtually every hero, unless passives. With it being unfun is a typical complaint, I don’t particularly mind it being situational. E.g. the one thing that would improve it for me is making it completely unstoppable, but I’m not asking for that. It’s also fun to outplay Qhira like that.


Definitely can’t see 100% uptime on Nazeebo’s spiders becoming a problem, which is almost a third of his total health and mana in 4 second intervals.

Devs what are you guys smoking? Even without the increased uptime and before the buff to level 1 talent is was only 20% recoup on hp and mana.

This adjustment is a complete overkill, simply for the crazy amount of sustain. May not carry over well to higher ranks, but I imagine him turning into another Zagara for the majority of players. Can see him becoming insanely popular simply because of the ridiculously high durability.

At lvl 20 with enough stacks for vile infection, one jar of spiders deals 3000 dmg while returning 1000 health every 4 seconds.


Thanks for the patch and the needed Valla and Zagara nerfs.

But there is also a little gem that you gave to the Naz man:

Blood Ritual [Trait]
    Additional functionality:
        Passive: **Takedowns grant 5 stacks** of Voodoo Ritual.

Since Naz get some value fighting with the team, then the players maybe stops afking on lane, but joins teamfights more often, because now they get stacks for takedown. :heart_eyes:

Phaseshifter’s dream comes true and he also might stop hating Nazeebo anymore. :crazy_face:


That’s a dream… my weekend started horribly. I am on a fourth lose-streak, because teammates are horrible, but I guess that’s the balance, because I got good teammates yesterday. Forced winrate maybe? :crazy_face:


Yes. With Q being a teamfight build anyway, this appears like a proper attempt.
Also, important bit, now he can participate in objectives. :wink:
I see why GriM is worried, let’s hope this can be tuned if needed be.
Of course I deserve my 95% winrate week but that’s enough.

Leoric was undertuned by around 2%, but I feel like these buffs are too strong. Sure, Kneel Peasants was the most popular, but it wasn’t much stronger than the others in terms of win rate.

I have over 60% WR this season. I’ll aim for 70% with these changes.

Edit: I called the Hanzo HP buff, but I didn’t expected the other buffs. It will hurt.


Nazeebo rise up!


Yeah now you mentioned it lucifer I totally know what you mean. Since I play a lot of Leoric lately I’ve noticed that his only weakness is that he is bad at doing camps, but otherwise he shines at all other areas. This buff fills the gap and he might be too strong, because he can tank, clear waves, do camps… what does he miss?

Reliable early game cc?


Would be nice, but he doesn’t need it. His poke damage is already great. He has soft cc with slow and the game-winning heroic with buried alive.

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Okay the nazeebo and lunara buffs are really sweet, I LOVED BURST LUNARA!

but i feel like hanzo’s buffs are really underrated and nobody is speaking about them. I don’t think he will be THAT much better but at the same time he will be much more of a threat.

note: i checked valla’s new gloom healing that scales using MAFFS. at lvl 13 her healing is reduced from 2.5/stack to 2.08/ stack.

at lvl 20 it becomes 2.73/stack, so really its kind of meh still. i’d say its ALMOST a nerf for the healing, however the spell armor deservedly got hit hard. at lvl 18 her healing will exceed the 2.5. for the trivia, at lvl 30 her healing would be 4.05/stack

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He’s weak against hyper mobile and long ranged heroes, but his macro pressure covers this weakness except vs Fenix, Falstad and Orphea. Buried Alive takes care of it.

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Balance patches are certainly good, but when shall they start opening MMR, improving matchmaking, reporting system and group search? And the guilds have promised us too.

Sure he isn’t great against them, but weak? Hoplessness (7) and Buried alive are good tools to deal with them. I love the extra long range of W against ranged targets, because it helps to peel or poke dmg.


No, she’s not. I tested it and I can choose her.

Hyper mobile means that they have tools to dash or blink to dodge his W before if even hits. Good luck landing your W against a competent Tracer.


Still 4 potatoes in my team, nonstop. Useless Patch…

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