Heroes of the Storm: 2019 Most Wanted Heroes Poll!


i would like sombra but most people don’t want ow but sombra is just bei like mei


Tints exist and as skins are created, they will eventually overlap.

Fair point, but they made Garrosh as big as the other orcs.

I do not usually take the time to look into the eyes of the enemy character during team fights.

This is important and true.

Same thing with the tint and eye color excuses.

Same thing with the tint, eye colour and jaw excuses.


Depends on whether they pick the original timeline Grommash or the ultimate timeline Grommash.

Essentially, they are similar. However, the hair and stances as mentioned above are the most important things.


I just want to see Andariel in the game.

Q: to be filled
W: Poison Nova
E: Raise the Dead (passive aura)
R: to be filled
Trait: Fire Pyre upon death


Since its virtually impossible to add all of them, I’d prefer it if they add 2-3 most notable characters from each race. More obscure characters like Gazlowe or Probius (as examples because they don’t have a ton of lore behind them) should not be the priorities.

I love mages and I need more of them. I also want them to experiment with Sustained Damage mages, the only one we have is Guldan, you could argue Mephisto but his kit isn’t about throwing spells at people one after the other like Ming or Jaina or Kaelthas. I think there are only about 7 mages?

If not, more flexible supports, not supports with very linear playstyles like Whitemane but a support more like Tyrande or Kharazim.




Glad to see my boi cairne ranked up so high :sob:
Same with vashj :relaxed:

Grommash is still too low though :sob:
We gotta get him to top 10 :thinking:


Being on the list is already too high for yet another one of those.


Oh please :roll_eyes:

As if orcs are the only warcraft group that has as many heroes. Only reason there’s this sentiment is because of the orc-Hitler period of wow.

Or maybe it was the warcraft assassins period in heroes? I don’t remember :thinking:


It has nothing really to do with Grommash. When you look at the top 10, most of them are as iconic if not more than he is.


I was replying to rcw’s “another one of those” comment with the second post. I guess the forum’s broken again though because I don’t see the post directed at him.



Be honest, do you really want Itherael? Like you’re super excited, hyped, can’t-freaking-wait, if they announce him you’ll be like “YAAAAASSSS, FINALLY!”? Or is it just that he’s the last of the Angiris Council that’s not in the game? Because the latter is not a good reason to make a hero in this game, imo.


In difference to Imperius i would be very hyped to have Itherael in. The completion of the council would be a nice bonus.


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The reason is, OP used his AU version from WoD and no one likes alternative Grommash. His appearance was too ugly and his character development was very poor. Also his voice was not really Grom.

OP should have added MU Grom and the you’d see the actual result.


Thing is, people ask/vote for Heroes they don’t really love or want them in the game so much. They are just voting for voting. They will eventually forget about the hero they voted after few days once it’s released.

Compare the hype between Garrosh and Kel’Thuzad release times. So called “community” asked for Kel’Thuzad, created meme’s about him etc and his hype was a big fail when they released him. He was forgotten after few days because he is not fanatically loved character. On the other side, Garrosh had no any spotlights, memes etc and his release was the biggest hype in HoTS Hero release history. Grom Hellscream would do the same. Mark my words.


Interesting poll! I like it! :+1:
Long story short I voted a soft to hard yes to anything MoP anything dragon, anything Troll or related to the Trolls and Draenei and Eredar and of course yes to anything Protoss themselves.


So many characters… :thinking:

My favorites :

1-Grommash Hellscream
2-Baal, lord of destruction
3-Vol’Jin, chieftain of the Darkspear tribe
4-Kyle Vlaros, Blackthorne
9-Gabriel Tosh
10-Cairne Bloodhoof


I love how the majority of people only vote 1 or 5. Really makes the other ones kind of pointless.


It’s Cairne, Cairne Bloodhoof. This " Carine"typo thing is killing me.

Deathwing on rank 1 is dissapointing for me, but at least Cairn, Vash and Baal are ont he top 10.

Putress ranked #82?! The Forsaken will not forget, or forgive! :angry:


You miss spelled Cairne

I did fix it by the way, thanks!