Hero idea, Quad Cannon

Hi, I have an idea about a hero. A truck that carries a moving chain behind it but instead of carrying materials, it carries three types of ammunition, cannon, and rocket launcher. The idea is that by clicking on the playground, the truck will move to the point that is actually driving the truck or moving.

As a default ability D there are good ideas, one of which is Automatic-repair. When we reset reg health to zero, we can define automatic device repair for larger reg amounts, which is a new idea and also compatible with the definition of a war machine. Mana is also not defined for the hero.

As basic abilities, Q, W and E are the weapons placed in the chain at back of the truck with machine gun, cannons and rocket launchers, respectively. One of the weapon is mounted on a chain and other weapon can not be used simultaneously, and there are about 4 seconds cooldown between the use of each.

The Q’s ability involves mounting a machine gun for a second and then using it to fire 100 bullets at short intervals similar to tychus, but for longer ranges.

W ability includes changing the previous weapon and installing the cannon for two seconds, which inflicts heavier single damage in a wider area and at a considerable range.

E ability includes changing the previous weapon and installing the missile launcher, which can do a lot of damage to non-heroic structures and units in a long range.

As Heroic abilities there are also good ideas such as setting the second chain consist of weapon (Machine Gun, Cannon or Rocket launcher) behind of the first one to make a giant truck and deal more damage :slight_smile:

It would also be a good idea for a second person to sit next to the driver and shoot enemies from window with a Rifle.

Thank you for reading