Hero Concept: Mercy

Did this one ages ago but have been tweaking it a bit lately; recent news made me lose hope of her ever getting in but here’s my idea if she ever were to.

My idea was to have her as this super slippery healer that wouldn’t focus really on direct attacking, but instead by empowering and sustaining allies to do that for her (like in OW), but she could choose to be a bit more aggressive if she wants to with basic attack builds; she can also be talented into to be much more active, with many activatable abilities so you can say you weren’t just a heal bot or something.


Title: Combat Medic
Role: Healer
Difficulty: Easy
Franchise: Overwatch
Attack type: Ranged
Health: 1500
Health regen: 7.26
Resource: Resurrect Meter
Unit radius: 1
Attack speed: 1.5
Attack range: 5.5
Attack damage: 60

Q - Caduceus Staff (0.5 second cd)

  • Healing Beam: Heal target ally hero 22hp every 0.25 seconds (+2 per level). Cannot auto attack.
  • Damage Boost: Boosts the power of the target allied hero 10% increased AA damage. Cannot auto attack.
  • If the ally moves too far away for 1 second, the beam is disconnected.

W - Guardian Angel (5 second cd)

  • Fly to a nearby ally, gaining 20% increased movespeed decaying once you get close to the target. Can also fly to souls of dead allies. Does not disconnect Caduceus staff.

E - Resurrect (meter)

  • After 1.75 seconds, revive a fallen ally. Your move speed is decreased by 75% during this time and cannot be cancelled unless you are moved too far away.
  • Gain 1% charge for every 200 hp you restore, 150 damage through damage boost, and every 2 seconds of attacking.

R1 - Valkyrie (70 second cd) (10 second duration)

  • Fly into the air, boosting your abilities and be able to travel over terrain. Caduceus staff beam now also leashes to nearby allies.

R2 - Mass Resurrection

  • Resurrect now has a passive meter charge of 1% every 5 seconds, and increases its range by 100%. All nearby allies within this range when activated are also revived, at 50% hp.

Trait - Self Medicate

  • Passive: After 5 seconds of not taking damage, increase passive health regeneration by 500%, and triggers every 0.25 seconds.
  • Active: Activate to swap caduceus beam type. Can be used during Caduceus staff.
  • The chosen boost from caduceus staff is indicated around Mercy’s ring on the ground.

Lvl 1

  • Auto Boost - Damage boost increases basic attack speed by 15%. While the target ally is above 65% health, basic attack damage bonus increased to 20%.
  • Power Boost - Damage boost increases spell power by 5%. While the target ally is above 65% health, spell power increased to 10% instead.
  • Advanced Medicine - Gather regen globes. Every regen globe increases the bonus of Self Medicating by 1%. Passive: Reduce the time taken for Self Medicate to trigger by 50%

Lvl 4

  • Revitalise - Damage boost provides you and the target with 15 physical armour, persisting for 3 seconds after the beam is disconnected
  • Caduceus Barrier: Caduceus staff healing now also gives a shield to both you and the target ally equal to 20% of the healing done. Stacks up to 10 times, and lasts for 3 seconds after the caduceus beam is disconnected.
  • Critical Damage: After taking damage equal to 10% of your maximum health, automatically trigger Self Medicate for 4 seconds which cannot be interrupted. 10 second cooldown. Passive: While below 50% health, increase Self Medicate healing by 75%.
  • Pacify - Active Ability, 70 seconds - Launch a projectile, making the first ally hit unstoppable for 1 second. Cooldown recharges 100% faster while using Healing Beam.

Lvl 7

  • Angelic Flight - After using Guardian Angel, you and the target gain 20% increased movement speed for 1.25 seconds. Passive: Increase flight bonus speed of Guardian Angel to 30%.
  • Urgent Care - Using Guardian Angel on a hero causes them to receive 20% more healing for 1.25 seconds. If they have below 50% health, this is increased to 30%
  • Revamp - Damage Boost also restores 2 mana per second. Passive: Caduceus Beam target deals 10 damage per second around themselves, increased by 75% while using Damage Boost.
  • Miracle Worker - Guardian Angel makes the target protected for 0.75 seconds upon reaching 1 block from them.

Lvl 13

  • I could use a hand - Taking damage causes Guardian Angel to recharge 40% faster for 1 second.
  • No Mercy: Quest: Basic Attack enemy heroes. Reward: Every 10 basic attacks increase attack speed by 10% up to 100%, and basic attack range by 0.1, up to 1.
  • Privatised Healthcare - Using Caduceus Beam on the same target for 4 seconds causes them to receive the effect of Self Medicating for 4 seconds, which cannot be interrupted.
  • Second Opinion - Initial cast of Healing Beam on a target restores 200% more health for 0.75 seconds. 20 second cooldown on each ally; cooldown refreshes 100% faster when using Caduceus Beam on a different ally.

Lvl 16

  • Caduceus Overdrive: Activate to cause both caduceus staff abilities to occur simultaneously. Lasts 4 seconds. 30 second cooldown.
  • On Call: Increase the range of Guardian Angel and Caduceus Beam by 30%.
  • Combat Medic - Increase basic attack damage by 25%. After using Guardian Angel, basic attacks deal a bonus 1% of the target hero’s health as damage for 1.25 seconds.
  • Blinding Flight - Active ability, 45 second cooldown - After 0.5 seconds, fly forward in the target direction; all enemies in range are blinded and slowed by 20% for 1.5 seconds.

Lvl 20

  • Air Support: Gain Valkyries movement effect when mounting. Passive: Increase mount movement speed by 10%, and decrease summon mount channel time by 1 second.
  • Heroes Never Die: After using Mass Resurrection, you and all resurrected allies now become invulnerable for 1.5 seconds.
  • Speedy Recovery - Reduce all ally death timers by 20 seconds, up to 50% respawn time reduction.
  • Angelic Descent - Active Ability, 30 second cooldown - After 2 seconds, fly into the air and become invulnerable. Activate to land to the target ally hero.
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