{Hero Concept} First Ascendant Ji'nara

Ji'nara is a powerful Ranged Mage who specializes in tearing apart enemies who cannot fight back with constant damage. As Ji'nara fights across the Nexus, her status on the Chain of Ascension alters, keeping her better defended while her status is low and unworthy, and pushing her to be aggressive and lethal while her status is high.
Statistic Value(Level ‘0’)
Health 1450(+4%/level)
Health Regeneration 3.021/s(+4%/level)
Attack Damage 65(+4%/level)
Attack Speed 1.25
Attack Range 5.5
Mana Maximum 490(+10/level)
Mana Regeneration 3/s(+0.04875/level)

D Chain of Ascension

Ji’nara gains unique effects based on her Takedowns proportional to both Allied and Enemy Heroes.

Ji’nara has more takedowns: 5% increased movement speed while dismounted.
Ji’nara has less takedowns: 5% increased ability ranges(Shown in parenthesis under ability ranges).

Ji’nara has more takedowns: 5% increased damage.
Ji’nara has less takedowns: 5 Armor.

If Ji’nara and the hero in question are tied in Takedowns, it then compares their Kills instead; If Kills are also tied, Ji’nara is considered to have less takedowns. All effects of Chain of Ascension stack with each other.

Q Psionic Orb

Ji’nara unleashes a slow moving Psionic Orb in the targeted direction. Enemies nearby the Psionic Orb take 30(+4%/level) damage per second(Applied as 15 damage every 0.5 seconds). Psionic Orb’s damage is increased by 100% against targets under the effects of CC.

Cast Range - 6.0(6.3/6.6/6.9/7.2).
Orb Speed - 1.2 units/s
Damage Radius - 2.5.
Cooldown - 6 seconds.
Cost - 65 Mana.

W Overwhelm

Ji’nara gathers overwhelming energy at the target location over 0.75 seconds. After that delay, the energy erupts, dealing 280(+4%/level) damage and silencing enemies hit for 1.25 seconds.

Cast Range - 4.5(4.725/4.95/5.175/5.4).
Radius - 1.75.
Cooldown - 10 seconds.
Cost - 80 Mana.

E Sacrifice

Ji’nara drains a target allied minion, dealing 1 damage to it and gaining 3 mana, repeating until Ji’nara is at full mana or until the minion is at 1 health. While an enemy is under the effects of a Stun, Root, Silence, or Sleep, Ji’nara may instead cast Sacrifice on them; It follows the above damage/restoration, but is allowed to kill enemy targets. Sacrifice’s full damage and restoration resolves instantly and as one instance.

Cast Range - 5.5(5.775/6.05/6.325/6.6).
Cooldown - 6 seconds, reduced to 3 when used against non-Heroic targets.
Cost - None.

R1 Mind Blast

Ji’nara focuses energy around the target enemy hero over 1.5 seconds, able to move with 40% reduced speed while channeling. After channeling, Ji’nara quickly focuses the gathered energy into the target’s mind; The target takes 450(+4%/level) damage instantly, and if they are suffering any Crowd Control effects, Ji’nara’s blast extends the duration of those effects by 1.5 seconds and deals an additional 250(+4%/level) damage to them. Mind Blast does not break Sleep. While Ji’nara is channeling Mind Blast, the target is noticeably marked for all players.

Cast Range - 5.0(5.25/5.5/5.75/6.0).
Tether Range - 7.0(7.35/7.7/8.05/8.4).
Cooldown - 90 seconds.
Cost - 100 Mana.

R2 Destruction Wave

Ji’nara gathers a wave of psionic energy behind herself over 0.75 seconds before unleashing it in the targeted direction. Enemies hit by the wave take 350(+4%/level) damage and are knocked back 5 units in the direction of the wave over 1 second, slowing them by 40%, decaying over 4 seconds when they land. The knockback of Destruction Wave cannot push enemies over terrain or structures. Regardless of the range of Destruction Wave, it hits Ji’nara’s casting position at halfway through the ability, and moves over 2.5 seconds.

Range - 10(10.5/11/11.5/12).
Width - 4.5.
Cooldown - 75 seconds.
Cost - 100 Mana.

Talent Tree

Tier 1|Level 1

Command the Chain - If Ji’nara participated in a hero takedown, that takedown’s kill credit is granted to Ji’nara regardless of who landed the killing blow. Ji’nara’s baseline benefits from being ahead in the Chain of Ascension are increased by 1(%), but her baseline benefits from being behind are reduced by 1(%).

Tempered Ambition - If Ji’nara and at least one other hero participated in a hero takedown, that takedown’s kill credit is not granted to Ji’nara, regardless of who landed the killing blow. For each hero ahead of Ji’nara in the Chain of Ascension, she gains 5% increased cooldown recharge rate, plus an additional 5% if all other heroes are ahead of her on the Chain of Ascension. Chain of Ascension now functions in reverse, starting Ji’nara as above all other heroes, considering ties as Ji’nara being ahead and prioritizing kills over takedowns for placement.

(!)Path to Ascension - Quest: Generate Mana through Sacrifice. Mana generated off of Enemy Heroes counts as double for Path to Ascension.
Reward: Every 1000 Mana generated through Sacrifice grants Ji’nara 2.5% increased Spell Power.
Reward: After generating 6000 Mana through Sacrifice, Ji’nara’s active cooldowns besides Sacrifice are reduced by 1 second for every 100 Mana generated by Sacrifice.
Reward: After generating 12000 Mana through Sacrifice, Sacrifice now grants 2.5 Mana per 1 damage against enemy targets, and 5 Mana per 1 damage against allied targets.

Tier 2|Level 4

Locus of Pain - Ji’nara may fire basic attacks from the location of her Psionic Orb.

Staggering Force - Enemies silenced by Overwhelm have their movement commands canceled every 0.33 seconds while the silence remains.

Cull the Weak - When cast on enemies, Sacrifice deals an additional 50% damage per different Crowd Control effect on the target.

Tier 3|Level 7

Adaptive Display - Ji’nara’s basic abilities gain minor effects based on her position in the Chain of Ascension relative to her allies.

Psionic Orb moves 4.15% slower while ahead(Up to ~16.6%, or 1/6th, or 1.0 units/s), and has 5% increased damage radius while behind(Up to 3.0 radius).

Overwhelm triggers 0.075 seconds faster while ahead(Up to 0.3 seconds), and silences for 5% longer while behind(Up to 1.5 seconds).

Sacrifice generates 0.125 less Mana per point of damage on enemies while ahead(Down to 2.5 Mana), and generates 0.25 Mana more per point of damage on allies while behind(Up to 4 Mana).

Anchored Power - Reactivating Psionic Orb while it’s in flight will halt its movement, reducing its radius by 20% and increasing its damage by 50% for the rest of its duration.

Unobjectionable Offense - Sacrifice may be cast on Silenced targets up to 50% further away. Overwhelm’s cast range is increased by 20%.

Siphoned Strength - Sacrifice slows its target by 30% for 2 seconds. If Sacrifice was cast on a hero, Ji’nara additionally gains 15% increased movement speed for the same duration, stacking with any speed from Chain of Ascension.

Tier 4|Level 10

See [R1]/[R2] above.

Tier 5|Level 13

Rampant Orb - For each second an enemy stays within range of Psionic Orb, it strikes them an additional time each second, resetting if they spend 1 second outside Psionic Orb’s range.

Show of Force - Casting Overwhelm on an active Psionic Orb causes Overwhelm to strike an additional time instantly, dealing full damage and effects across the Psionic Orb’s radius and consuming the Psionic Orb. (Overwhelm continues its normal effects afterwards.)

Transfer of Power - Casting Sacrifice on an enemy target now causes Ji’nara’s basic attacks within the next 3 seconds to deal 1 additional damage for each 1 damage Sacrifice did.

Expose Weakness - Casting Sacrifice on an enemy hero causes Ji’nara to deal 20% increased damage to them for each unique type of Crowd Control present on them at the moment of casting Sacrifice, lasting for 3 seconds.

Tier 6|Level 16

Bursting Sphere - Psionic Orb now deals damage an additional 3 times each second, reduced by 1 for each Heroic enemy beyond the first within its range. Every 3 non-heroic enemies within range counts as 1 heroic enemy.

Taskmaster’s Orb - Each time an enemy is damaged by Psionic Orb, they are moved 0.25 units towards its current position.

Overbearing Power - Damaging an enemy with Overwhelm when they are already afflicted by Silence causes Overwhelm to apply Fear for its duration instead, causing the enemy to run from Ji’nara.

Forced Supplicancy - Ji’nara’s cooldowns recharge 0.75% faster for every 1 damage dealt by Sacrifice to enemy targets, lasting for 3 seconds.

Tier 7|Level 20

Share the Burden - When Mind Blast detonates on an Enemy Hero afflicted by Crowd Control, it now extends the duration of the crowd control by 150% of its original amount and deals 500(+4%/level) bonus damage, but spreads the Crowd Control and damage between the target and all Enemy Heroes within range 3 of them.

Wave of Power - Destruction Wave knocks enemies back 5 more units over an additional 0.5 seconds, and additionally, enemies hit into a structure or terrain by Destruction Wave take an additional 250(+4.5%/level) damage and are stunned for 0.5 seconds.

Ambitions Realized - Ji’nara’s baseline benefits from the Chain of Ascension are increased by 1.25(%) for each hero beyond the first on that side of the Chain. Upon selecting Ambitions Realized, Ji’nara may no longer alter her position on the Chain of Ascension.

Orb of Cruelty - Whenever Psionic Orb deals damage to an enemy hero under the effects of Crowd Control, it extends the duration of that Crowd Control by 0.10 seconds.


Base Skin

(-Insert accurate store description here-)

Base(Black with Red accents); ‘Banished’(Dark Grey/Black with dark pale-ish Green accents); ‘Xava’kai’(Dark, tarnished Gold with Blue/Purple accents)

Alternate Skin No. 1

This would be a skin description if I had any ideas for any.

Tint Name(Tint Description)


08/01/2020 Upload Date.
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Oh boi. The ascendant who can’t do anything VS a bunch of mercs. Let’s see what we get in Nexus.

What is a takedown.

Alarak V2.

Uh, tosh’s life steal.

Takedowns are the combined metric of Kills and Assists, so you get one each time you participate in a kill in any way; The most apt example to use here is that Alarak’s Sadism requires hero takedowns to increase without any talents taken into account.

As for the rest of your comment, if you have more constructive criticism, I’m all ears, but the rest of that isn’t what I’d call constructive at all. (.-.)

Well i don’t care that much about Ji Nara, sorry.

She is Alarak’s rival Tal’darim ascendant.

Basically the person who does everything when Alarak is too lazy to do it.

Just appreciate the concept regardless of who it is, specially when he writ it out as a pretty decent kit overall all things considered mate.


I quite like this one overall and is something I could see actualy making it in to the game.

This is one of only 2 real complaints i have any real issues with. I Get the feeling you didn’t want to make her with alarak levels of snowballing which is cool but all these bonuses seem like a non factor as a result. (I also think the slight range variations would feel slightly jank).
I think it would be neat if when she was behind she seaks power with increased damage and when shes ahead shell look to hold on to her position with some defensive buffs (lile the obligatory protoss shield).

I do lile my bfg spell. This is the reason why id like to see her in hots.
It would be pretty cool if the talent where you cam shoot AAs from the orb was baseline and it delt more damage when ahe did so just beacuse that sounds like a ton of fun.

A fairly standard ability. I like it.
The delay could probably be slightly shorter given its small radius.

I feel that there arent quite enough mana manipulation tools to really make use of this and runs the risk of feeling like jinara olny has 2 abilities. Maybe im reading this wrong but to me it sounds like if youve got high mana then this does almost nothing.

This is a pretty neat effect. I wonder how well that would work out in game.

I was a bit disappointed when alarak diddnt have this so im pretty happy to see it here c:

I dont really have time to go to in depth with talents atm but heres a few highlights. I will say tho, alot of the sacrifice talents might need a bit of work.

Awesome. I wanna see a hero whos whole kit revolves around this some time.

This might be a bit clunky and runs the risk of rewarding the use of macros sense if your clicking every frame you could avoid the effect.

This one is pretty great

Hopefully this is an independent effect for each hero but i imagine this being really satisfying.

Also awesome. Extra effort for more damage. C:

This kinda seems like just an alternate rampant orb.

Cool but may be a bit to niche.

The bonus damage is kinda overkill. Spreding cc and extending it already aounds super scarry.

Awesome. Id say consider baselining this but wave already does a good amount of things. C:

I dunno if there should be a trait talent at 20 due to its wild variation.

Cool talent. Might be a good idea to put this earlier in the tree so there’s more of an incentive to take all the orb talents together instead of just taking what you need.

I wanted to avoid making any individual bonus too large, given her level 1 can drastically shift how easy it is for her to maintain either end of the spectrum, and they can add up pretty high. (20 Armor isn’t insignificant, nor is 20% increased damage.)

The reason it’s set up in the current arrangement is because I figured it’d be more flavorful for Ji’nara to have to display more power and be at more risk to keep those ‘beneath’ her in check. I also wanted the player to play more aggressively to keep a higher damage output, providing a real sense of risk versus reward to trying to maintain that status.

I think I prefer the current design of full mage focus with a small AA build in the talents. If I wanted to hybridize the character’s main focus, I’d definitely consider doing something like that, though.

Ji’nara’s other basic abilities cost 65 and 80. She’s got the way to bleed it, and as a sustained mage, I think the overall design works with her kit.

I wanted to avoid stacking too many actual CC effects into Ji’nara’s kit, especially all on the same ability, so this kind of jank effect was born. I think it’s not terrible? It’s just got a different kind of counterplay(Which is playing Heroes like you’re a Starcraft II pro with Carpal issues).

The difference behind it is that it alters Ji’nara’s priorities; Whereas Rampant simply wants you to keep people inside its area, Bursting wants you to keep one person in its area, meaning you have to start considering your targeting in a different fashion.

Designed with Show of Force in mind, but it does have the advantage of Ji’nara being able to drastically reduce her cooldowns with the right talents. Both should work as ways to trigger it, and really amplify the CC being thrown out.

The wording might need clarification, good to know! This talent boosts the damage and CC effects, but causes them to disperse across all nearby characters; Hitting a 1 second stun with 3 heroes in the area would apply 0.5 seconds of stun to all the heroes, as an example.

Combined with her level 1 Talent choices, and the potential to lean pretty heavily depending on how you play without the two level 1 talents, Ji’nara should be able to get decent, consistent use out of this talent.

I really hope an effect like this is never placed outside of Level 20 or Heroics. At absolute maximum effect, it can already hit 11 times on its last second in flight, meaning Psionic Orb would extend the duration of the CC it hit by a decent margin, plus every previous seconds worth of it. Even if you assume that by late game Ji’nara’s averaging 3-4 hits per second, Psionic Orb is still increasing the duration of CC by 0.3-0.4 per second, for 5-7 seconds based on a couple factors. Suffice it to say, it’s better placed here. (^_^’)7

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I still dont shes sustain mage-like enough for this. For example guldan (who i think is the closes example) has a Q that costs a wopping 75 mana with only a 1.5 second cooldown compared to 65 on a 6 second cooldown which just sounds like an average mage ability. Some of the other sustain mages like chromie have 3s and orphea has 2s that can be talented all the way doen to .75s. With the way your cooldowns are, Ji’nara is just at an average speed. (not that thats bad tho)

thats 50% not 150% still tho, mind blast is already almost pyro blast levels of damage so I dont think adding any more damage would be the way to go (dont forget Ji’nara is getting bonus spellpower to)

maybe, but people can walk out of the orb unlike kerrigans level 20 upgrade where its attached to her and shes got a ton of dashes.

Not spamming abilities every 2-3 seconds doesn’t mean you aren’t a sustained mage. Plus, by design, Psionic Orb is literally one of the most sustained-mage abilities possible, up there with channel as long as you want to deal low-moderate damage. Also, Psionic Orb lasts for 5-7 seconds, which is almost as long to longer than its duration, meaning one is almost always on the field.

I also dunno what you mean by saying Chromie and Orphea are sustained mages; Both are more like combo mages with a spammable basic to cover their downtime between combos. (^_^’)7

Though, I suppose I can bump up the mana costs a bit; It’s not like Sacrifice is an amazing ability that having better damage from will cause the character to break or anything, plus it’ll give its talents a bit more love at the same time by making them easier to get larger effects from.

I’m going to change the wording in the talent to split:

Does that make more sense? It’s not dealing 150% of base duration to all heroes, it’s splitting 150% of base duration evenly across all heroes. I didn’t realize that I was using the wrong word up ‘til now. (<_<’)

You can’t walk out of something if you’re stunned for its entire duration. Or rooted. Or taunted. Or-- I think my point is made. It’s a very scary effect, and while I think it’s an effect worth testing the waters with, it’s not one I want easy access to on anyone.

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