[Hero Concept] Belial, the Lord of Lies

Greetings, everyone! Today I’d like to share with you my concept of Belial for Heroes of the Storm. However, before I get to it, I’d like to make it clear that it’s definitely not the first concept of Belial ever made on the Internet and thus it is possible that some of my ideas might have already been suggested elsewhere. In this article I do not try to steal someone else’s ideas, and all of the similarities are purely coincidental. That being said, let us get strait to the concept.

Trait: Lord of Lies

Belial is the absolute master of deception and his greatest strength lies in his ability to influence what his enemies believe is real. After manually activating his Trait, Belial can cast an illusory version of any of his basic abilities. That ability will cost no mana, have no cooldown, but will deal no damage and apply no effects. After that, the Trait goes on a 6 seconds cooldown.

Cooldown: 6 seconds

Q: Deceiver’s Blast

Belial launches a charge of his eldrich energy that travels on the ground as a straight line skillshot. When it hits the hero target (goes through minions, damaging them but not getting triggered by them) or reaches it’s max range however, it splits in 2, travelling in one of 5 possible paths. The path is chosen randomly, and only Belial knows which one it’s going to be this time as it’s shown to him above his portrait in the interface. The enemies hit by the split charges are also slowed for 1.5 seconds.

This attack is inspired by the boss battle against Belial’s 2nd phase in Diablo 3.

Screenshot from Diablo 3:


The possible paths of his Q are shown below. White is the original skillshot, red T is either the hero target or the max range and the green paths are the possible split options.

Possible paths of Belial’s Q:


If cast under the effect of “Lord of Lies”, does no damage and causes no slow, but changes the path of the next one.

Max range: 12.5

Speed: 13

Cooldown: 8 seconds

W: Seeing is Believing

Belial sends forth an ullusion of himself that travels a straight line then stays in place. The moment that illusion finds an enemy hero in, it casts Belial’s randomly chosen Q or E in their direction, which do full damage and apply all of the effects, then proceeds to attack the enemy hero with the basic attack. While the illusion exists, Belial gains stealth. The illusion lasts for 8 seconds.

If cast under the effect of “Lord of Lies”, does no damage and applies no effects, also granting Belial no stealth.

Max range: 20

Cooldown: 15 seconds

E: Mind Break

Belial sends forth a long-ranged skillshot of his mind-bending spell. The enemy hit with the skillshot takes damage and becomes affected by the ability’s effect. They try to resist Belial control, but ultimately fail. Their movement and attack speed are getting gradually slowed for 1.5. After that time passes, the enemy succumbs to Belial’s power, taking another tick of damage and falling asleep for 3 seconds.

Does not go through the minions or mercs, but goes through the structures.

Max range: 15

Speed: 15

Cooldown: 13 seconds

Level 1 Talents

1. Swift Deception (W)

Permanently reduces the cooldown of “Seeing is Believing” by 4 seconds.

2. Possession (E)

Hitting “Mind Break” on the allied hero results in Belial possessing their body, hiding in it and dashing out at any moment within 5 seconds.

3. Lies Within Lies (D)

If Belial hits the enemy with an ability under the effect of “Lord of Lies”, the cooldown of all of his basic abilities will be reduced by 2 seconds.

Level 4 Talents

1. Unexpected Benefits (Q)

If “Deceiver’s Blast” gets split due to reaching it’s max range, the damage of the split blasts get doubled.

2. Double Deception (W)

Allows Belial to activate “Seeing is Believing” for the second time to exchange places with his illusion. In that case, the illusion will have stealth and won’t be attacking anyone unless revealed.

3. Profitable Lie (D)

Casting an ability under the effects of “Lord of Lies” restores double the amout of mana used by a true version of that ability.

Level 7 Talents

1. Deceiver’s Reach (E)

Increases the range of “Mind Break” by 30%.

2. Shadow’s Embrace (D)

While remaining outside of the enemy’s vision, Belial gets his HP and mana restore rate increased by 300%

3. Veil of Lies (D)

After casting one of his basic abilities under the effects of the “Lord of Lies”, Belial gets +25 armor that is not shown to the enemy and persists for as long as “Lord of Lies” is on cooldown.

4. Final Lie (D)

When Belial’s health drops beneath 40%, he disappears for one second, then reappears with 2 illusions that travel in a straight line under an angle of 120 degrees to each other. During the 1 second of disappearing, Belial can choose the direction where the illusions will go with the mouse.

Level 10 Talents

1. Grand Machinations ( R )

Belial begins channeling his powers in order to deceive the enemy, feeding them a false information about his teammates’ location. During the channeling of this ability, Belial creates an illusion of each of his teammates, while giving his real teammates a stealth effect that lasts for as long as their illusion remains. Should the teammate reveal themselves, they will enter the stealth mode after 1 second of not attacking or using abilities.

Belial gains a complete control over his teammates’ illusion, switching between them on keys 1, 2, 3, 4 (the same as Vikings) and gaining access to all of their abilities, except for the ultimate. The illusions do no damage, but their abilities apply the effects. The illusions also benefit from the talents, except for the active ones.

Should The Lost Vikings be one of Belial’s teammates, he will not be able to control them separately.

Channel time: 20 seconds

Cooldown: 80 seconds (starts after the ability ends)

2. False Reality ( R )

Using his favourite principle “perception is reality”, Belial creates an illusion so grand, his enemies get hurt for by it for real. During the channelling time, the entire situation on the map changes, bringing back all of the Keeps, Forts and Gates to full health, destorying the enemy’s siege minions and giving every current allied minion wave one siege minion.

While the ability is being channelled, Belial gets a stealth effect and gains access to 2 abilites:

  • Q: Meteor Blast - after a wind-up of 0.75 seconds lands a meteor in any chosen location on the map, does heavy damage and stuns for 0.75 seconds (Radius: 3.5, Cooldown: 8 seconds)
  • W: Deception - creates an illusion of Belial in any place on the map, the illusion acts the same way as the one created by his regular W. (Cooldown: 5 seconds)

Channel time: 15 seconds

Cooldown: 120 seconds

Level 13 Talents

In development…

Level 16 Talents

In development…

1. Infectious Insanity (E)

If “Mind Break” hits the enemy, it creates an explosion, affecting all of the enemies caught within a blast (Raidus: 2.5)

Level 20 Talents

1. You’ve Fallen for It! ( R )

Any illusion that gets killed creates a blast around itself that damages and roots the enemies it hits. (Radius: 3.5)

2. True Vision ( R )

While channeling “False Reality”, Belial gets access to one more ability:

  • E: True Vision - creates an huge demonic illusion of Belial that does one of it’s attacks from Diablo 3 (chosen randomly) and disappears. (Cooldown: 6 seconds)

3. Seeing Double (Q)

When applying “Deceiver’s Blast”, instead of shooting one skillshot, Belial shoots two under the angle of 45 degrees to each other. Both of the skillshots split like a regular “Deceiver’s Blast”, following the currently chosen path.

4. Master of Deception (D)

Activating “Lord of Lies” trait gives Belial stealth and increases his movement speed by 150% for 3 seconds.


Great Hero Concept! It’s always nice to see the community being active and we could always use more non-humanoid heroes.

This is kinda like Baba Yaga’s ability right in Smite? Belial himself can see his pathing but not the enemy?

A very interesting and thematic trait, not to mention very useful.


The Trait is an awesome idea.
If you cast D + Q + Q you you’re dealing with 2 sets of these Eldritch Spheres the enemy won’t know which to take seriously and scatter. It would have a funny effect on people. Make them waste protected statuses like Deflect or Parry.

The ults are hmm head scratching. I’m not sure how any of that would play out. I think enemies would have a pretty good guess which the ai controlled illusions are and which are the real heroes ;D

And False reality seems pretty strong too. I like the idea of faking the whole map back to how it started. That’d be pretty surreal suddenly seeing a fort behind you after thinking it was destroyed. But the illusion would be pretty broken after realizing the forts don’t deal damage and the walls can just be walked through lol

Awesome Ideas. Love it ;D

the ai controlled illusions

I believe you have misunderstood. No AI will be controlling the illusions created by Belial’s “Grand Machinations” heroic ability. All illusions will be directly under Belial’s control, and he’ll be able to switch between them on 1-4 buttons (like The Lost Vikings) and use their abilities. The abilities will do no damage, but will apply the effects like slow, stun, etc. And the illusions will benefit from non-active talents the hero’s player chose. For example, if ally Whitemane chose “Strict Discipline” to root the enemies, her illusion created by “Grand Machinations” will also have access to that root.

But the illusion would be pretty broken after realizing the forts don’t deal damage

“False Reality” is based on the principle “Your mind makes it real”. That’s why the forts restored by that ability WILL be doing damage and act like regular forts. The gates will NOT be able to be walked through.

However, both of Belial’s heroic abilities are the channelling spells, which means they can be disrupted by applying a stun, silence or simply killing Belial. He’s a squishy, after all.

I like the idea. It’s close to what I’ve been cooking in my head for the past two years except yours is much better since I’m pretty scatter brained, so I wont waste yours or anyone else’s time talking about the basic abilities and talents. With Grand Machinations, would Belial also become a number on the number keys or would he enter a sort of stasis while he controls his teammate’s illusions?

With False Reality, I think it would be interesting for a level 20 ability where all the allied forts and keeps, and destroyed enemy forts and keeps, become uncontrollable shadows of Belial’s true form that automatically have that spinning slash attack, slam attack, and some sort of poison attack like he does in his final form.

All in all, it’s an interesting concept. I like it.