Help I'm repeating the same day over and over!

The Toys event has said “Less than 1 day” remaining for the last 3 days!

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More free stuff.

20 boxes.


Someone please link highschool never ends.

When you get to the “Toy Event” in your current timeline, you’ve really reached the end of the universe. There is nothing after Toy Event, just an endless christmas over and over.


Read a few articles about How long Phil, the main character was stuck in the same day. The writer threw a number out like 10 years, but they wanted it to be 10,000 years. Some nerd did some math and it would be a minimum of 10 years. Then the writer responded to the nerd with 30-40 years because people aren’t efficient with their time. Fun geeky stuff.

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Thank youuuuu in Li-li’s voice

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I think they want to remove it the moment they patch the game with the live version of the PTR

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I think so too and I don’t have a problem with it, it no doubt saves some time and money. I’d prefer some event there rather than just nothing for a week and let them save resources. It’s a win for all.

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It sounds like…


Awww~ I should play Li-Li more. Always puts me in a good mood.

Wow! This was one of my favorite bands growing up!

Zzz… give me new event already…

in these happy times been listening to it a bit more while working.

That and I remembered that The Hand that Feeds is super fun to play on the Drums. :slight_smile:

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You play drums?

Honestly, the lyrics never made any sense to me. Just liked the strange music.

Then I learned I’m the type to listen to good music and disregard lyrics all together. I get the feeling from the music not from what the lyrics tell me to feel.

after a 5ish year break due to a lack of space to set them up, I’ve been going from terrible to slightly less terrible over the past few months.

So rusty!

I also treated the kit (which I got when I was… 11 I think?) terribly, so I think I’m going to end up buying a new one, making those as nice as possible and finding somewhere to donate them/give to someone who wants.

I tend to enjoy the actual music more than lyrics for most songs. Agreed/me also.

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