Healer expectations

I have been working on dialing in my healer play before I jump into ranked play. I currently have been having most of my success in quick matches with Khar. My build leans heavily on the healing side.

Spirit ally
Heavenly zen
Seven-sided strike
Spell shield / sixth sense
Echo of heaven
Transgressions / storm shield

I shadow a tank or bruiser and keep them alive early game then transition into running through camps and healing during big pushes late game.

When I transition into ranked and higher skilled teams what are the running opinions of what a healer should bring to the table? Win or lose if I have the highest points in healed/damaged blocked and a respectable amount of assists I feel I’ve done my job as a healer?

From what i’ve seen after recently switching from QM to ranked, the players really aren’t any higher skilled, draft is the main difference, so if you’re having a positive winrate in QM, you’ll probably do well in ranked until you surpass your QM MMR.

I think Seven-Sided Strike is more damage oriented and Divine Palm grants you more healing output, but if you’re having success who am I to say your talent choices are wrong.

The first thing I would say that isn’t related to Kharazim or your build only, is that healing numbers on the stat sheet don’t matter. I’d focus more on making sure all of your teammates are getting the healing when they need it. Lucio for example can heal your whole team who might have teammates not in danger, but how important is that heal vs healing your tank who’s at 40% and still receiving damage? The only really important healing is ones that effectively keeps allies alive. Something I expect from my healer is to be mindful of where their heals are going, not so much the amount of healing done in total.

Positioning is another thing I would expect from my healers. The safer they position, the harder it is for enemies to dive them and the easier it is to peel for them. A dead healer is worthless. If your teammates are dying because they go 1v5 or if they die because they are out of position, its not your fault and most times its not worth diving deep to save them. You risk dying too and 2 allies dead, one being a healer, is worse than an overly aggressive Varian dying alone.

From that, I’m think for myself personally I’m struggling on is overall teamwork / map awareness / game progression. Maybe my struggles are less healer orientated more overall struggles. Knowing when I need to move from soaking In my lane to help others getting heavy pressed, timing my mercenary camp’s ect.

As for divine palm I agree that it would be a better healing option but boy do I struggle on the timing of it lol.

Teamwork relies on your allies so it can be hard to accomplish if someone on your team is hard headed.

As for map awareness, it takes a little more active watching. Looking at the mini map should be the first thing you do before you move lanes or move around the map. Check who’s on the map and think of where they possibly could be if missing. If you don’t normally look at the mini map, it can be tedious to get into the habit of doing, but over time it becomes natural.

Honestly just jump into ranked play and do your best. Mainly just focus your heals on whoever is taking a lot of heat, position properly, and stick with your team. As each game finishes if you really are serious about getting better as a healer, watch your replays and look for mistakes or areas you can improve, write them down, and work on one of the items on your list in your next match.

Taking the advice to just jump into ranked and I realized I’m really putting the cart before the horse. I’m only level 20 so I have a few more levels to go before I can even join ranked lol. Will give me more time to try and figure out a couple other heaters that may fit into other teams better for drafts.

Any advice for a Dekard or Stukov style?

I know you love your build but try to be flexible

If enemy team tanky 7 sided

If your team is dive go dps build and dash talents

If you need a sustain healer… pick bw xd jk use your heal buiand gl