Halloween event?

Just curious if anyone thinks we are getting a Halloween event or if the overwatch summer event will be like christmas and last 80 years.

It would be nice, they might add the Halloween skins, but I think that’s about the best to hope for. It doesn’t seem they will do any true events anymore, just event skins and event themed loot boxes.


There’s probably no money for those huge seasonal events since they haven’t done them forever, as you noted even the christmas one extended its welcome far beyond reasonability.

Would be happy if they just bring back Halloween loot :slight_smile:


Was the last true event we had with mini games with loot chest rewards the Christams one? If so, it was a fitting send off as I think they let us farm that board game for almost six months.

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How about instead The Headless Horseman enters The Nexus and in game quest to complete for rewards. The only problem is The Towers of Doom Boss is actually him and might not work when he’s picked to fight himself

Sometimes I wonder what the devs plan is with this game when every content gets released with half year in between. Does events in this game even matter anymore other then keeping people busy with something insteed of adding something new.


I wonder how much the Devs are allowed to plan ahead for. I have no inside knowledge to make any judgments if they are allocated the manpower to properly plan ahead to make changes. Many of the recent patches have had bugs that once would never had made it past QA. This would suggest to me they are under pressure to get things out fast, without sufficient resources.

To be clear, I’m not blaming the Devs in any respect. My musing is about those in charge of what resources and manpower are allocated to HOTS and what they are allowing the Devs to accomplish. It doesn’t help that we really get no communication about any of this. I can to some degree understand why many people feel HOTS is an abandoned game.


Our event is the: Nightmare before Christmas.


If things are similar to last months, the Nightmare will go on all the way to Easter.

Brace yourselves for tons of ‘halloween and christmas in march’ and ‘dedgaem’ comments.

Were getting Christmas not Halloween.

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Endless Christmas would have been fine if we had the gameboard back, but we didn’t get it last year…

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That was the best, endless farming from December :christmas_tree: until May!

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We have to see if we’re getting a new event at all. CraftWars was the last event happened so far which was during 2020. That means we didn’t get any new events during 2021.
(I know there was also an Overwatch cosplay. But it wasn’t really an event)


Maybe they will have Headless Horseman as a new hero for this halloween but honestly I dont think we will be getting a new hero anytime soon sadly, hopefully we get the event loot boxes

the overwatch summer event will be like christmas and last 80 years

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