Grubby about the ptr patchnotes


Oh god, him mentioning Beatle Build made me remember that Beatle Build will now basically be useless on structures

Only if an enemy is actively defending the Fort/Keep. If Anub is pushing an undefended fort (as happens fairly often in the current game) they will be just as useful as they currently are.


I really like the idea of the changes. The structures will basically react as in LoL. They could introduce more of it like Blind Pick instead of QM or role based queuing.

It wouldn’t change the core of the game but maybe relax the matchmaking situation.

While this is true, and you can temporarily drop aggro with Cocoon, you can’t really turn your trait off, and with his low HP and spell armor not being helpful in that situation, it really did feel like a hard nerf to him overall. I am sure I will get used to the change in time, and I am definitely in favor of it in principle, it just feels like it affects some tanks more than others, and we already have a fairly small pool of viable tanks.


All I can say is, I was really annoyed when I was destroying a camp as Gazlowe, and one of my turrets attacked an Ana that was running away from something, then the Fort started attacking me.

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Doesn’t Gazlowe have the ability to tell his turrets what to target?

The problem is the tower focus is a bit wonky. In general, they never lose interest in you unless you leave or die. Even if your target leaves, they still hold extreme prejudice. However, odd things can drop tower aggro, such as stasis effects on the enemy target, or certain invulnerabilities on the enemy target. I mentioned in another thread that I was fighting an Illidan as Artanis under his towers, and when he popped Evasion, the towers lost interest in me and attacked minions instead.

At least until it wore off.


Possible Structure Anomaly Tweak could be to make Summons free from creating aggro against their Summoners.

(Same with lowering the max armor debiff to 20.)

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Yes, but the last hero I targeted before hitting the core walked away, and then they re-acquired whatever they wanted.

Not true, only if you attack heroes with it. if you are solo pushing then beetle away.

But it will bring back siege Genji where he dives in kills the attacks enemy then defelcts the tower dmg to the enemy for the kill and resetting his E to dash out/

grubby is nubby but is a kind person

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I still am waiting for the fort to gain super range to punish the junkrat or sgt hammer splashing me from miles away

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Beatle build is when you combine Anub’araks summons with Lucio or ETC’s music? :stuck_out_tongue:


nice one!!

just a small fix needed :wink: :

It wouldn’t be an anomaly if stuff didn’t take time to adjust to.

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Never said otherwise. But I hope it doesn’t happen to Probius, Anub or Zagara. Since they has no control over what some of their summons attack.