Good plays and bad plays even out right?

So, I guess this is neither a GG situation, or a salty situation.
Both of these happened in the same game.

We had a good play.

And a not so god play lol.

Yea the potential of wombos with entomb is pretty scary.

Garrosh why :expressionless:

Did you win the game? Look like they were a bit ahead in buildings

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No, we lost the last fight and that was that. But it was a decent game. We were 4 and 1 rando.

1 rando is enough to lose the game… #HotsFacts.

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They do not even out. It depends on when it occurs. Good plays early game are less impactful than a single bad play late game.

This is evidenced by your videos as well. Your ‘good play’ highlights a moment in time where you are 11 and 10 (you’re still a level down so people weren’t soaking) and then your bad play was 16 and 16 but you lost that fight.

And then, subsequently, you lost the game.

Honestly, my advice to everyone including new friends I bring to HotS is to make your mistakes early, learn your opponent’s tendencies and then gauge how far you can push things from there.

In any case, 1 late game failure is almost always a loss of the game itself. I want to provide emphasis in “almost” because it’s never guaranteed, it’s just you’re at a statistical disadvantage if you mess that up late game.


That’s good advice. Early deaths don’t mean much as late deaths. Longer timers and I think more XP as the game goes on.

The only problem is if you do that, you’ll have those players who will lose all hope and say gg 3 mins into the match. Then you’ll lose the match because they’ll either troll or they’ll tilt everyone on your team.


True, and I hate when players say “gg” after losing a tf. Especially, if we have a late game comp. I just want to tell them, “come on, soak, stall, and push the game to late so you can get value out of your heroes”

Comebacks happen so often in this game that there’s no point on dwelling on early tf losses. I’ve been in games where I’m dominating the enemy all game until they hit their late game talents and ravage us.

It is what it is, but it sucks to be on the receiving end of a comeback lol.