GM leaderboard page is broken when there are 0 GMs

Currently a problem for the NA and KR regions, which have no GMs. Also, this is only an issue because for some reason the decision was made to increase the GM win requirement from 35 to 50 right when the announcement of no further support was made, and the playerbase went to an all time low. Issue should be fixed and win requirement should be reduced back to 35

See e.g. Heroes of the Storm

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KR already had only 1-2 Grand Masters per season last year due to the very low player population making it impossible to gain more master points (because matches at high rank simply wouldn’t start due to lack of players).

Even if it only concerns a small portion of the player base, I do agree the win requirement should be lowered to 35, if not even 25 to at least make the rank existent again.