Genji W lvl 7 shield bug

I can’t post a link unfortunatelly.
But I have a Twitch clip where Genji dies just after his W ends ignoring lvl 7 shield talent. Genji took some damage, but dies instantly after W ends. That’s not for 1st time. I guess there is like millisec between W ending and getting shield where Genji can get damage and die.

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Augmented Guard:
When Deflect ends, Genji gains a Shield equal to 100% of the damage blocked for 4 seconds.

It is possible the shield you gained was lower than the damage you took after Deflect ended, making Genji die instantly.

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happened to me 3 time already, the shield just did not trigger i die right when the deflect end before any shield is applied
there was nothing marked as blocked on the death screen i died with just 1 aa while i blocked 3 on the deflect time so i would have like 3 time the amount of shield that 1 aa whould have killed me
there is a very small window when the deflect end before the shield get up if you get hit right when it end you still take the damage