Genji shouldn't deflect spells


you shouldn’t be deflecting from people who want to disagree with you


Genji shouldn’t exist as character in HOTS. Also his “I-kill-you-from-the-base” sister Hanzo.

You can’t change my mind, so don’t bother.


Then don’t post threads if you aren’t open for discussion.


Apparently you are also not capable of changing the devs’ mind either.


Only reason why people complain about genji after sooo many nerfs is because they want to play squishy damage dealers and never heart back, even when under 20% hp.

Sure, if genji is fighting unskilled opponents and if it’s QM, of course he will feel oppressive. That oppressive feeling you feel deep in your feels is silent voice calling for “git gud”.

I stopped playing genji, he just doesn’t bring enough to the table anymore and people still complain. Just wow dudes.


Someone learned, hyppers!


Don’t you remember it’s the cool thing to cry about genji and OW heros as a whole. Who needs to git gud or L2P when you can just come here and cry for nerfs.


That’s Cruel(Sun) :man::lion::sunny:


You wish!
Deckard’s Perfect Cube will protect me!!


By Merlin’s boobs beard!


If I could whisper this into an opponents ear, I would. “Git good,”
The oppressive metaphor works just as good.


I agree with this, though the value of the damage reflected can be talked about.

It would remove the silly scenarios where something like D.Va’s basic attacks can result in dealing tons of damage reflected, while something like a Pyroblast results in a slap on a wrist.
Damage reflected should be proportional to the damage dished out at you.


The most hilarious aspect of Genji is that he can “deflect” a punch, making you punch your own face.


Sure i wont change your mind, change mine then ! Provide a proper arguments to your claim . why is it do you think that genji woud need such a change ? do you think genji performance would be affected because of it ? If so do you see it being beneficial of detrimental ?
Not to say that hots log is accurate 100% but isnt genji near the bottom of winrates , then wouldnt something like that further drop his performance ? And lastly , is your issues with genji truly with genji or wouldnt it be toward the skilled player behind said genji ?

See we can have a discusion without me changing your mind lol


Who decided that ?




i think he shouldn’t be able to deflect damage on overtime abilities/ults that stay on genji.

like corruption,poison etc… it really makes no sense your not attacking genji directly.


So true, Genji finally hit rock bottom (lowest win rate of all heroes) and ppl still want him nerfed. When will it be enough, once he’s at 20% win rate? 10%? 0%?

Hotslogs 2019-Jan-12:

Guess it’s safe to pick him up again. :smiley:


Is that a Seven Deadly Sins reference?

Edit: I knew it! (Didn’t read all the way.)


People who cry about genji at this point jist need to uninstall.

When you need to be a GM / Master just to have a 50% chance of winning with a hero there is a huge issues.