Gem Store check out will not load



I’m trying to add gems to my account, but when I click on the gems balance I’m trying to add, the system simply sits there spinning (I left it there for half an hour) without ever moving on to the ‘payment’ screen or whatever’s supposed to come on first there.

I also noticed this, from the patch notes:

  • Gem purchasing has a new checkout interface. This streamlined system gives players access to more payment options from directly within the client

Prior to the patch yesterday, I was able to buy gems just fine; but now the checkout interface will not load. I just keeps sitting there circling and circling.

Also, I notice that since my original post about this 17 or so hours ago, at least two people who posted after me have been answered, and a solution suggested, but my post remains ignored… :frowning:

Can't buy gems, just shows an empty box

I’m having the exact same problem

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