Gazlowe Turrets Aggro Towers from across map

If you leave turrets in another area (easily done the Clockwerk Steam Fists) and the target a hero buildings Gazlowe is under trigger the A Call For Help even if that hero is several lanes away. Should “The Call” only count for heroes under the triggered building and not from anywhere? Have not confirmed, but if Azmodan’s Lieutenant hits a hero in Bottom and Azmodan is under top tower than he would also be the target of “The Call”

Also with the summons, shouldn’t the summon and not the summoner get the wrath of “The Call”

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I think I just about understand. To simplify, the towers retaliation react in unison instead of locally. So following this logic if Fenix was pushing top and sitting under enemy top tower with a nice wave and fired his laser to finish someone at bottom, then top would switch to attack him.
As you said this works with independent summons as well. Which perhaps may not be intentional unlike my example.

is this correct? I’d like to know if attacking an enemy hero anywhere on the map with a global or a turret while under a tower will result in retaliation. Nova strike or even an aba mine.

Correct, I feel the summons activating the towers from across the maps seems like an over site. Phenix laser would at least be a direct attack. But in the same vain if you are Rag off lane-ing and Lava Wave I feel like you shouldn’t be punished from another lane for heroes being hit.