Game wont launch says files are corrupt on a fresh install

I wanted to get back into hots but it constantly is saying the files are damaged and i have done a fresh install on two different HDs. Ive also ran the scan and repair to fine missing files and that comes up just fine. I know there is something I am overlooking I just dont know what else to check.

If you have or have previously used any sort of cloud sync service like Onedrive. Please go into that programs settings and make sure it is not syncing the heroes of the storm folder under documents. Then temporarily disable the cloud sync software. From there delete the settings file from the heroes folder under documents and relaunch the game. It should generate a fresh settings folder and solve the issue for you.

as soon as the game is gonna authenticate it freeze and say the game file´s is dmg. i try reinstalling the game 5 or 6 time now. try reinstall battle net and nothing is working. i have not play hots on my new setup so i really love to know what is wrong this time with the game for not working

I am having the same issue, but don’t use cloud syncing at all. Have turned off my VPN, and no change, either. Have any more ideas? Thanks for your help.

Been days, no response. Beginning to wonder if the devs even want us back.

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I had the same issue and I finally figured it out. Apparently, for me, you can’t just uninstall OneDrive, you had to reinstall it to unselect the syncing folders manually. Hope that helps!

Hey all,

I just want to jump in to reinforce what Lokee1 shared above. OneDrive is tricky in that uninstalling it won’t actually help. What is needed is to unsync the Heroes of the Storm folder in your Documents. Sometimes it’s extra frustrating cause the entire Documents folder may need to be turned off for syncing. Microsoft has instructions on this here.

If OneDrive was uninstalled, it will need to be reinstalled to then toggle the appropriate settings. OneDrive can be downloaded here.

If OneDrive is not a factor with the above explored already, then please submit a ticket so we can check deeper. Including an Msinfo and error code(if any) can help with further troubleshooting.

I had reinstalled Windows, and never used OneDrive. What I hadn’t known was that it was flagged as suggested. Ended up having to install OneDrive, let it synch for however many hours, then change the setting on the Documents directory (it wouldn’t let me change it until I told it to not back up that directory first). Yet another reason I don’t use OneDrive for my cloud solution. I’m back up and running after going through all this hassle then uninstalling OD again. THANK YOU again, @Ironthorne and @Kershew!

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