Game throwers in ranked

lately it has become impossible.
every game i play i get at least one dude who just actively decides to lose since 1min for whatever the reason.
starting from not getting the hero he wanted, to someone disconnected for a minute at match start so they decided the game was done, or the team made a mistake and they decided to throw a fit.
it’s impossible to gain any ranks if you get CONSTANTLY placed with trash players.
it feels reporting players has little effect on the game, otherwise such idiots would find themselves banned much more often.
get decisive about players who decide to ruin it for everybody else!
how come there are so many of those lately??


Unlucky, I having such players very rare. Most of the time for me, the most common mistake people do is grouping before ten, and taking bad fights with bad positions on ranged assassins and tanks.
Often I have notice people losing a lot of time walking between lanes and from base, also tanks often scared to take damage.
But that is just my current mmr, I think in diamond ppl will rarely just give others free mmr.
To climb you need strategy, obviously you need to carry the game and dont expect ppl to carry you.
Try to communicate more, maybe with voice chat, and get gud.


I swear blizzard matches players with these people on purpose or something, That or too many low rank players are getting boosted. SOlo que in this games is just hell.


had a bad garrosh today get pissed 2 mins into the game about hero damage. he then proceeded to throw our teammates into the enemy team to throw the game.

Blizzard really doesn’t care about this game or the people in it. I hope they never recover from the financial losses from this game’s failure.


Won’t matter cause they make money off other crap like hearthstone and wow and COD so they can afford a loss.

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well, you’re lucky if that’s your case.
I have little problem with players making mistakes - this is the game and this is how you learn. I’m not talking about those.
I’m talking about the ever-increasing behavior of players like joseph described - of players actively losing the match because something didn’t go their way, and there’s nothing to do about it. no matter how good you are - when the game turns from 5v5 into 6v4 - you lose, and I don’t think it’s fair to lose rank points because someone decided to throw a fit.

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Well these are indeed real issues but how would Blizzard police such issues in real time.
The game is free to download and the player base is limited. If the game cost money I think this problem would be reduced 80-85%.
Or maybe introduce game PAUSE granted by team leaders only. (Person who bans)
Once Pause has been initiated the captains then speak with both teams for 1 minute to vote to boot problem player or grant the game no xp lost without changes.
Or just bring back solo que.
What would your ideas be? We can all complain about a problem but if we retort with a creative/solid solution it may gain ground(chances are low) but better than staying negative with 0% Chance of change or relying on blizzard 100%.

i feel you man, i just lost 6 games out of my last 10, including all 3 of my placements. Fell from diamond 3 to plat 1 coming out of placements because i has 2 people DC and then a 3rd person troll pick on purpose and AFK in base. there needs to really be a more sever punishment for this stuff.


The punishment while true isnt the only problem here. The problem is players are not afaid to get banned cause its so easy to make another account and start all over again.

Just get better and rank up, if that’s a real problem in lower ranks. True intentional afk/throwing happens very rarely play higher mmr games.
Although I guess it might happen a lot more often to ppl who are consistently toxic themselves.

P.S. I don’t believe that’s true though. I see it as a massive exaggeration. 1 thrower in 20 games is not gonna cost that much fun or time, so I wouldn’t call that “often”, and I doubt it would happen any more often than that, even in bronze.

P.P.S. If you do run into a true intentional thrower (like an abathur who comes to slap a tower at lvl1 and then keeps doing it), you really should just dodge him and wait out. If not many ppl are queueing at the same time, you’re most likely gonna get him in every single game after, if you don’t dodge him.
I’ve had a similar experience recently when enemies had the same thrower 2 times in a row, so I waited 3 min and never met the guy again. That was the only real thrower I’ve had in 300 games this season (dia-master eu). Well OK, I also had a garrosh who had an argument with tassadar and then started throwing him into the enemies all the time, but that game was already pretty much lost before that anyway (4 lvls down, keep already lost on Boe).

I have bounced between diamond 5 and diamond 2 this season and last season and I can promise you that these trolls, afkers/throwers are roughtly one in 3 games if not worst. It is absurd that people are in diamond and they act this way cause you did not pick a hero they agreed with or would not tank or heal for them.

Example I had someone who raged all game saying bw is a trash healer. End of game I had 89k healing with 1 death while the person raging had 8 deaths cause they kept engaging 1v3 or more with orphea.

I just got a Johanna named Maltack in StormLeague and was just moving around and trolling, each time we could kill someone, she just left and goes in a different lane to be sure we lost the fight. What can we do against that behavior ?

Could Blizzard modify the report system to be more precisely ?

Feeder, Losing on purpose, Not participating to team fight, being arrogant and toxic. Add or modify report system choices please.

Had a twin blade varian player today. Roughly a hour ago who would not soak or do camps, he would even chase the enemy team through the plant terror things on garden and then die saying we needed to focus more on playing our characters and let him play his way.

Sorry you feeding all game does not exactly help the team but people will not listen at all. They think fighting wins this game, no its soak and camps.

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Tbh brightwing is one of the worst healers in the game, tied with Kharazim

LOL! you have to be on some darn good drugs to say that.

He s not on drugs, he s trying to write in english as a french canadian i supposed.

BW is not one of the worst healers in game by a long shot is the point.

he’s right, bw hot can’t make up to some of the bursts in this game. karazim needs to hit in melee to heal, easy to focus and kill eventually.
im quitting the game, GL in your future full of noobs