Game is crashing and shuttering on me. And I am getting no EXP for all of the matches I have played


Christmas event is something I been looking forward to and throughout all of December I have tried to play it… But every time I do I am getting really long wait times and once I get into a game. Everything works fine until 10 minute mark when every starts to shutter and lag. Sometimes it will kick me out for the reminder of the match. And no matter what whenever mine or the enemy core gets destroyed the game straight up crashes on my computer. Not letting me getting of any of the experience I just play, none of the loot chests, no progress towards my quests.

After spending money on the Halloween Bundles, the Hero Bundles, and the Blizzcon ticket in the last part of 2018. I feel betrayed that all of these problems are just adding on top of each other and making the game unplayable and punishing me for supporting this game when I started playing it back in 2017.

If there is no kind of compensation, Penalties removed, or even just a simple fix for this. I will be uninstalling the Battle net client and the games along with it.


Interesting behaviour.
Sounds like something caused by the game writing the replay to harddrive or something similar.

I would suggest you download Process Explorer (should be a site).

  1. start heroes and tab out (alt + tab key)
  2. start process explorer
  3. scroll to the heroes proccess
  4. rightclick > properties (second last entry)
  5. select the “performance graph”-tab

The bottom graph labeled “I/O” keeps track of all data moved arround, be it to ethernet, USB devices or harddrive.
During a normal match, you are going to see a lot of blue (loading screen), then a large blue spike every 30 seconds (random thing heroes does, causes stutter on some machines).
The interesting bit is going to be when the game crashes. I suspect there to be some wierd I/O behaviour.