Game files are not saving

I recently downloaded the PTR, it wasn’t working so I uninstalled it. After that none of my game files will save anymore. Everytime I start the HOTS app, the resolution changes, and all my talents and hotkeys are gone. I try to change the settings and it says “unable to save talents” I try to add a hotkey, it won’t show up. I restart the app and the resolution reset after changing it. I’ve uninstalled, I’ve time machined, nothing I will resolve my application and I don’t know what to do.

EDIT: I restored my Mac to an older version of itself and it resolved the issue, but I never figured out how to fix what I had going on.

EDIT2: Looks like lots of other people have the same problem.


Same problem here, and I would really like to know the answer. I’ve played HOTS for years, recently reinstalled after having it uninstalled briefly, and now it won’t save any settings.

Following instructions elsewhere on this website, I’ve already looked into folder permissions, and reset the game settings via the app. No dice.

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Same problem here on macOS Monterey.

My expectation is that this is a permissions problem, but even after giving the following permissions in Security & Privacy:

  • Accessibility
  • Full Disk Access

No bueno… the problem still exists.

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Same problem here (MacOS Big Sur). Each time I open the game, it’s like the first time I’ve played (entry video plays, no talents remembered, graphics setting all back to default).

I did happen to notice that HotS did (what appeared to be) a very small update just before this problem started. I thought that was strange since there was just a patch recently.


The same problem on (MacOS Monterey) After the update, fast aiming stopped working, saving other keys and constantly playing the starting video when the game starts. I have been trying to solve the problem on my own for several weeks now and it didn’t work.

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Hello, i have the same problem on macOs Menterey. Every time i change my resolution, sound, or something else in the settings, after a restart of the game all settings are reset to standard. A workaround would be great!

Hello, I started having issues after the most recent hots patch. I play on a top end macbook pro from late 2018 and recently had issues where everytime i log into the client all settings are default and I cannot save/update any settings such as video/audio, heroes settings, quick cast, etc. There was a version mismatch even though my client had the correct newest patch. I’ve deleted the hots folder 100% and even the bnet client and re-installed 3 times. Nothing has helped. I have also made sure i am an admin with full permissions on my hots folder within the Mac OS to make sure that my software/settings is not blocking hots from saving anything. Please help I’ve been playing hots as my only/main game for 6 years and this newest patch has messed up my client/computer/gameplay.

I had a very similar problem on my macbook. I was able to fix it by changing the permissions on this directory:

~/Library/Application Support/Blizzard/Heroes of the Storm

to allow execution by running this command in the Terminal:

chmod +x ~/Library/Application\ Support/Blizzard/Heroes\ of\ the\ Storm/



Hey there,

Great info Koloss, going to quote it with blue. If anyone is unfamiliar with using terminal on Mac OS, Apple has a support article for how to use it here.

Basically just copy paste the terminal command Koloss mentioned into terminal while the game/app is closed. You may not see anything happen but as long as no errors came up after entering the command you should be good to retry the game.

If the above does not work, please also try a new admin account.

Hope the info helps! Cheers!

Thanks!! This finally did the trick for me!