Game crashing often


I didnt copied code of bug, but here is rar with crash reports 1drv(dot)ms/u/s!AmhnUY_Mc8G6gVE5O8rDzguN5lXS
“.” - instead of (dot)


Let’s start by grabbing the updated Nvidia drivers here.


Ok. But also, it startet to crash when drivers were on last version.
So I updated them, and if it will repeat, i gonna reply.


I just did the last update and my game now don’t open its starts and close right the way, also unsettled and reinstalled but didn’t work neither


Crashed again. imgur(dot)com/a/NDiIYNR
2 times for today
Here it is, Dxdiag!AmhnUY_Mc8G6gVI4eqeAvzTBvjr4

Yes, before there were blue screens, but it seemed to have stopped.


Hey, DHSbluray!

Your crashes are all over the place. It does not appear that the crashes are being caused by the same thing. This is normally a sign of system instability. Have you been experiencing other system issues, such as Windows bluescreen errors?

Please collect a DXDIAG and post it here using the Preformatted Text button in the posting options. Just make sure the full DXDIAG contents are between the Preformatted Text tags.


Guess it happens after 10016 code error, in events windows. But i have no idea how to fix it, cause guides in internet didnt help me.



Between that error code (10016), the bluescreens you mentioned, and the fact that your DXDiag seems to have corruption (it’s exported with a bunch of unexpected gibberish in it instead of just english, technical data, and the expected cyrillic characters since your windows is in Russian), this is probably a windows level issue. I would contact Microsoft for help repairing or reinstalling windows. Most likely it’ll fix on a reinstall of windows but if not, just get a new DXDiag for us after the reformat and we’ll see what else we can find.