Game broken and unplayable please help


my system meets all the minimum requirements, I have the graphics set to all lows and the resolution lowered… I have never had any problems playing this game on this machine before, the only thing I changed was the HDD to an SSD, which should not impact game performance at all. when I get into a game everything is fine for the first 15 seconds or so, but as soon as the bots start casting abilities, the game breaks and freezes my entire system and I have to reboot. I have 8 gigs of ram and a 30 gig paging file, so quantity of memory cannot possibly be the issue. I’m also hard wired to my router, so it’s not connection issues. I have scanned and repaired the installation at least half a dozen times, and unless there are crucial game files attached to the desktop shortcut, the tool isn’t finding any issues. I’m running on a laptop with Intel HD 3000 graphics, which is the listed minimum requirement. I can’t lower the resolution any lower than it already is, and I can’t even start a game. Please help ASAP, I am not afraid to bump this post.

In fact, I’ve played this game in its Beta on laptops way worse than this one on higher graphics settings and never had a problem as bad as this. could there be errors in the AI that’s causing the game to crash? I am disinclined to join a live game to find out if the problem extends, I don’t want to get reported a bunch for leaving the game when it’s caused by an issue beyond my control.


Let’s grab a DxDiag report. Will also want you to run HWMonitor while you have the game open for about 10 minutes if possible. Once done take screenshots of the info in HWMonitor and upload them to an image sharing site like imgur to link here. If you don’t have permissions to post links, you can get around that by encasing them in ` like this:


Sorry I haven’t replied, I thought I’d get a notification when someone responded but apparently I was wrong.
Do I need to be in a matchmade game with HWMonitor running, or can I just be in the application? Because my comp freezes about 30 seconds into a matchmade game, I don’t think I’ll be able to get you what you need if that’s the case.