Force Move cancels Hanzo's Storm Bow [Q]

Using Force Move while channeling Hanzo’s Q cancels the channel.

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There is a relatively new “Cancel Targeting” hotkey. Is your cancel targeting hotkey the same that is assigned to your force move hotkey? (Right click, by default).

It cancels even when it’s on another button.
Does it not cancel for you?

I also encountered the exact same issue. Can a developer (if hots still have one) take a look?
The “Smart Command” (fountain, portal, movement, attack, default bound to right-click) has this issue that when you want to move using it and you accidentally click an attackable target in your attack range, your hero will stand still and try to attack the target. Thus Force Move is used by a lot of players as a substitute for the “Smart Command”. It is meant to have the same behavior as “Smart Command” other than that it will never let your hero stand still. (You also need to enable quick cast for it otherwise you have to left-click after you Force Move). But Hanzo’s channeling Q will stop once you try to Force Move, and it is really frustrating and counter-intuitive given the Force Move is expected to have the same behavior as the normal “right click” command.