Fix Samuro he's cancer

Where’s his counterplay given his insane skill ceiling? Literally cannot be stopped unless he makes a mistake. Leads to cancerous gameplay that isn’t fun.

I guess you need to learn how to play against him.


Please enlighten me.

Attack all 3 and when one moves around not like the other 2, attack and kill. It’s not hard when you figure out how the images move.

u just hav 2 walk away from blademaster when he uses his spells
he will go oom then u can own him with other hero units
i suggest getting scrolls or pots or items like gauntlets of ogre strength if u wanna makre sure he can’t win but u can do it easy without those esp if hes noob

Why does everyone talk in a vacuum. He has counters…in a 1v1 scenario. This is a team game and that rarely happens. Like when he has an Abathur on him? What if that abathur copies him? Then what?

No he needs adjusting. Too strong, able to get away too easy, no commitment needed in attacking.

Abathr need change more than anyone else in the game because hes not even hard and you sit in safety of bases while you force people to run away when they see screaming head show up and then he does tons of damage in fights also

I actually think he needs a little buff, he can never join high ranked games because his lack of dmg and of cc and if properly counterdrafted he cannot play as he should. I would raise his dmg since giving him cc would ruin the concept or, better, give him a baseline quest.

Hogger loves Samuro. Quest-booster (Dmg and HP), 3 x 8%HP heal from Dynamit, yay and other heal from Q-ability.

Samuro has very hard time with Hogger. Cant kill him somehow.

I laugh at samuro. Sonya can whirlwind and heal to full on his clones, and easily kill him, with an abathur cloning him would be even more hilarious. If you don’t want him to get away, use a hero with dot damage like lunara or nazeebo to keep him from staying in stealth. I mean you can go on and on. Qhira easily whips him too.

Any hero that has a reveal or can reliably hit all 3 targets is a Samuel counter.

Rexxar has his flare and can safely hit all 3 targets.
Chrome has a reveal talent too.
Many others have similar reveal talents that eliminate Samuro’s advantage.

Samuro is my #2 hero at roughly level 70. I speak from this experience.