Fix DC and leaver status

So my internet went out for a second or 2 and I got leaver status. Internet immediately reconnect for me to just get stuck on the character select screen. That’s never going to finish loading because everyone already got booted. Every time I DC it’s almost always in draft. Which shouldn’t even count as a DC. While if it was in game i would have just reconnected and it wouldn’t have counted. I’m at the point I’m ready to just uninstall because how frustrating this one aspect of the game is.

It would seem to me sense the change in leaver status that the punishment is going to far for DC in draft. In game I get it. Maybe even be more harsh on in game leavers. But ether makes it so you have a chance to reconnect in draft or reduce the punishment. Back when it took forever to find a match. Yeah it sucks when people left in draft. But que times are fast now. So I don’t understand why DCing in draft is such a harsh punishment when any number of problems can happen. Power outage, bad connection, computer crash, game crash, or whatever. My problem is I have a USB wifi adapter. It recently broke. It works but if you touch it. It disconnects for a second or 2. It just recently broke, sense it broke its happened to me twice now. Also I use my phone for internet and some times if I’m not paying attention the battery will run out on me.

It’s pretty soul crushing to lose 500 points and have to win X amount of leaver games. All because of a technical issue. I know you get some of your points back. I want to say 250. But still in the moment you don’t really think about the return system. You are just caught up in what just happened over a little hiccup.

It really sucks when someone leaves mid match and even worse so when it’s on purpose. I think the punishment is 100% justified. It doesn’t bother me when people leave in draft. I get that you want to discourage people from leaving in draft. That you don’t want people to just leave just because they don’t like how the draft is going. While if you didn’t do anything out would probably take forever to get into a game. But I don’t think it’s fair to treat them as one and the same. If your not going to reduce the punishment then at the bare minimum do what you do in SC and freeze the draft for a 1 min timer to allow said player to reconnect. Or implement some system that gives players a chance to reconnect to the game.

TL;DR reduce the punishment for leaving in draft or give players a chance to reconnect.

I can’t relate, because I’ve had a couple DC’s in draft (even as long as 30+ seconds) and it always reconnects me, though player names disappear and it only shows the hero names (but I still get to draft).

The draft has had a proper reconnect system since at least 2019 or 2018.

Only reason I can think of for someone to be instantly booted is they completely closed the client or exited.