First team fight lag

I have a problem with lag at first team fight.
It is lagging with any graphic settings.
I have no problem with network, game installed at ssd.
U have found similar problem at reddit:

Is there any solution? I do not have that problem at Windows, only Mac Os.

It takes several games for Apple’s Metal API to optimize the game. I experience the same lag issue when fresh installing the game or after a major system update. After playing several games, it goes away for me.

That used to happen to me all the time on my Mac. I’ve made a couple posts about it somewhere here. The way I solved it was to install Windows on my Mac using bootcamp.

I used to be the last one to connect. I used to lag like crazy at the first team fight basically every single game. I used to disconnect randomly in the middle of a game (not every game, but every 3 or 4 games).

Since I started playing HOTS on Windows on my Mac, those problems have pretty much gone away.