Falstad's Lightning Rod and AI


I’ve been playing a lot of vs AI games and I have noticed that when you cast Lightning Rod on the bots, they try to run away, but a lot of times they try to “run away” towards you and your team instead of their forts.

I understand that it’s not easy to code a good AI that knows when it’s better to run and try to stay away from the range of the skill or when it’s better to stay and fight, but right now it’s running into the enemy team and it’s absurd.

I don’t know if this happens on non vs AI games when a player leaves and a bot replaces him.


Hi there Galán!

We would love to get a hold of a replay in which this issue occurred. Along with showing us the other factors at play in a match (which could be influencing the issue), a replay contains vital information under its surface that we can analyze. This is ESPECIALLY true for AI issues like this.

If you could review our Bug Attachment Guidelines and send a copy of that to Heroesbugattachments@blizzard.com, it would be very appreciated.



Sure thing.
Is one replay enough? I have a few in different maps, altough there seems to be no difference.


One should be good, accompanied by a clear timestamp for when the issue occured therin.



I tested a bit more, tried with a different build (not picking talents that buff Lightning rod) and it still happens.

Also I’ve been playing Mephisto a little bit because it’s on the free hero rotation and something similar happens with his Lightning nova, but the issue is not as consistent as it is with Falstad’s Lightning rod.


Thanks! I’ll forward this on to our Engine group who can hopefully use it to break down the logic for that instance and maybe find an error some room for improvement.



Thank you.

I’ve been playing more games since the last update (the one with the rework of Stitches and Sylvanas, not the one with the hotfix) and the IA seems to be working better. There are still certain situations where they act a bit weird, but I don’t expect the AI to be perfect and it has happen just a few times.