Explain ranking league positioning

this guy started in league in bronze 4 with the following stats:
Games played: 14
Winrate : 42.9%
KDA : 1.6

next season he plays is placed in GOLD 5!!!
Games played: 84
Winrate 29.8% !!!
KDA: 2.2

why is he placed in gold 5 when its clear his stats are bronze 5 level?

This is the only way you can escape bronze.
You do everything that goes against your instinct

In all seriousness. Did you filter QM out?


Filter only league games.
I;ve seen some discussions in the past about boosted accounts, now i am starting to believe they do this.

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You’re leaving some details out or not using the filters correctly, you can’t rise from Bronze 4 to Gold with 29% win ratio. Placement matches are irrelevant since winning all 3 would move him to Bronze 3 max.

Boosted people do exist, but their next season win rate will be something like 92% because a Grand Master was controlling the account in return for money. It wouldn’t be 29%.


It is not possible. You simply can only climb by winning more games than losing. Something wrong there with your filter skills…

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he probably didnt left out ai mode or other stuff or doesnt know how to filter seasons the right way… its normal as not many people know how to use statistics…

i only had league games on, rest were unchecked.

The guy started in bronze 4 which isn’t far from bronze 5 and that’s the lowest one can go.
Maybe this guy only lost after the 14 matches where you checked his profile. He could have lost so many matches in a row and would not drop lower than bronze 5.

Just as an example, loose 90 games in bronze5 and still be bronze 5. Then you win 10 games in a row and therefore you rank up from bronze 5 even tho your winrate is 10%.

This guy played 70 games between you checked his stats.
How many wins in a row does it take from bronze5 to gold5 and does it matter how many losses you had before that winstreak?

So maybe it’s possible to reach GM with a negative winrate by starting with 10000 losses in bronze 5 before starting the winstreak to GM.


Yes, I didn’t take this scenario into consideration. But still, from bronze 4 to gold 5 it takes prox. around 60 games with barely any loses between (lets say around 6 wins without any loses to climb one rank?)

So the small amount of 84 games played and this low winrate at the same time doesn’t really fit in…

Plus… As far as I know, if you lose a lot of games in the beginning, you will climb slower

i took screenshots.
i just double checked the images now, and i got some info that i didnt present it from beginning.
he played 3 seasons:
2016 season 2 - bronze 4
2021 season 1 - gold 5.
this season is bronze 4 again.
still i cant explain bronze 4 to gold 5.

That’s heck of a time gap yo. You should’ve mentioned that. There could be several reasons. I’m not fully knowledgeable on it, so bear with me.

First, 2016, that’s even before HotS 2.0 was released. I’m pretty sure they had MMR/rank reset couple of times since then. There is also HL, TL merge. He could’ve gotten seeded from his TL rank (TL was considered a clownfest back then, due to group/stacking resulting in really skewed outcome. that was when there weren’t stacking/grouping disadvantage if I’m not mistaken). Talking about MMR/rank reset, if he didn’t got seeded from his TL rank, he could’ve gotten from his QM/Unranked MMR, when there was a time it did.

ok, i understand that mmr was reseted. fine.
but, considering his stats, it means the algorithm is really bad to take this guy from bronze 4 to gold 5 and then to bronze 4 again, in a short number of games.

I can’t see how this would be a boosted account seeing as the winrate went way down.

I wouldn’t necessarily say in short number of games, as it’s not the number of games that seemed to caused the confusion, but the change in system in 5 years throughout. His skill was bronze level, rank/MMR got reset, his MMR got seeded from somewhere else (hence, placed in gold), but his true skill brought him down to where he belonged, in bronze.

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Of course some accounts get boosted, that was happening even before you had Storm League where it made it easier and cheaper to do. I once encountered a (now former) friend in my Hero League game, he was playing a hero I knew he couldn’t play and with skill he didn’t possess. It turned out he had paid a boosting service to push him from Plat to Master.

Even with this in mind, people do climb out of ranks on their own merits and it often takes much less than a season to do so. We were talking about this in another thread, you have to keep in mind HOTS seasons can now be six months long, it’s not like the golden days of 2-3 month seasons.

When I started my most recent season (in Plat) I hadn’t played for many months so in the first 10 or so games I was gaining or losing up to 600 points a match, this can move you around the ladder quickly. I’d guess that’s what happened to the person in question.

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Pretty much this. I have seen way too many life time silver players in this game that suddenly jumps from silver to master casue of boosting. But funny enough this season he is back to his actual rank again cause his skill is not good enough to maintain his gold rank.

Yea becasue the system have a hard time figuring out where you belong after long breaks.
And becasue it have a hard time placeing you you lose/win a lot of points until it figure out where you belong.

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my conclusion is the system is rigged.
as soon as i win a few matches, next games i got in my team players that are bot level, worse and worse with every game.
I would like to see a single non master player profile(ONE only) that has a winrate of over 60% and more than 100 games in a season. i think it doesnt exist, no matter how good one is.

Isn’t 100 games with 60% winrate means that that player reaches Master or pretty close to it?

No one should have such high winrate from 100 games and still being low ranked.

I would assume that after 100 matches the system can put players in the correct rank that matches their skill level. The correct ranking for a player is where the player wins/loses 50%.
If the system works, nobody should have a winrate over 60% after 100 matches, especially if you want to exclude master players lol.

oh really. so how can u advance if u cannot get over 50% winrate?
u are stuck in that league forever, what incentives are to play anymore, if the system stops you from advancing?